June Roll Call: Do you travel, tour, or vacation in summer and where is your favorite destination?

June 1st is the perfect time to say hello and send my best hopes to you for a super summer.  A warm welcome to new followers ❤ . To all, thank you for reading, your follow, likes, and comments!  I never take you or your valuable time for granted. I would also appreciate a comment anytime from you about what’s on your mind, how you’re feeling, or what you’re doing this month.

Do you travel, tour, or vacation during the summer? Where are your favorite destinations? 

I’ll travel to see family this summer. My husband and I will travel together for business conference in Denver, a great city. Our family may go to Albuquerque to watch college summer baseball. During August we’ll stay-cation with friends. Several short trips work really well for us! We enjoy getting together with loved ones and we beat the heat of Arizona 😀

I look forward to hearing more from you and have a joyful June ❤ ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

This roll call is my effort to find, keep, and introduce bloggers by providing a doable, encouraging, and engaging blog environment. To meet bloggers I appreciate, please check out the comments below, Angie Mc’s Reblog Love , and previous Roll Calls:  What do you love about spring?Who’s your favorite fool?,How do you celebrate your heritage? , What’s your favorite romance movie? ,  How do you recover from the holidays? , What is your relationship to snow? , What’s your favorite color?  Feel free to join any and all of the Roll Call conversations. Thank you!

62 thoughts on “June Roll Call: Do you travel, tour, or vacation in summer and where is your favorite destination?

  1. We usually take a family vacation in the summer. Several times it’s been a cruise. This summer we’ll be staying at my stepdad’s beach condo in Maine. It’s tiny, but the beach is right outside the back door, and there’s plenty of room to sprawl out there. 🙂

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    • Mini trips are the best with younger children. They match a child’s attention span and their parent lack of energy, LOL! I recall a scenic railroad trip from California to Nevada, sweet. Have fun!

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  2. If it’s summer, it’s always about the mountains, or the ocean. Thinking about Cape May this year. Love doing 3-4 days a few different times. With daughter in NYC, that is still a favorite destination, but Spring and Fall work so much better.

    It only took me a few months to recognize that you do this on the first of every month, Angie. Duh. ☺ ❤️

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  3. My dear wife Karen and I have added an extra vacation this summer, Angie McFly. For the past several years, we’ve enjoyed a week in early June in Cape Cod, pre tourist rush. We love it. In July this year, we will experience five days in Denver for Karen’s family reunion! Neither of us have ever been to Colorado. Her siblings are coming from Alaska, Texas, California and Washington State, and I’ve only met her sister that’s coming from Texas, so I am quite thrilled! Oh, and in August, Karen gets to take a shorter girls getaway with longtime friends while I cool my heels with Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle here at home in Syracuse. 🙂

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  4. Hi angie mac – sounds like you will have a great summer – and nicely spaced out. and the only thing I have to chime in on is that for many years we took a vacation in June because my step-daughter was usually in a tournament and we combined trips in order to see her. But it usually was hirable timing for me – specially because a few of those years I was teaching and when June rolled around – the last thing I wanted was to head out for vacation – I wanted to rest up and then vacation in July. So while we did sometimes do both – many times I went in June and had to work at being pleasant. ha! but it worked out well. anyhow, the funny thing is that after things settled and my stepdaughter married – well we did not have to take the June trips and I actually missed them. – and now – I prefer to “get outta town” at some point in June and just freshen the mind and then start summer. so funny how the thing I was inconvenienced by later became something I love and now choose to do – so for us – I love to do as much as we can in June – and then space things out the other months.

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    • Yvette, that’s wisdom right there! Oh, yes…tournaments. That’s another reason why we need to “vacation” in spurts because often we’re working around baseball tournaments! And there will come a day when we won’t have tournaments and for as much as I shake my head about them and grumble here and there, when that day comes I’ll miss this! And like you, I bet I’ll take the best of this and make it new. June is a great month to clear the air and start fresh! Thanks so much for sharing and enjoy your June ❤

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      • well of all the sports we have done – baseball season was the longest and most time consuming – so I seriously tip my hat to you – for the years you put in! and so cool that you know to savor the flavor as you go – it does assuage the grumbles and perspective like that just makes all things better,eh?

        anyhow, hope you have a great week and that you are staying cool and hydrated as the heat rolls in 🙂

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  5. When our children were growing up, we vacationed in Kiawah/Charleston. We would spend a day at the beach, and on alternate days go to Charleston to visit our favorite sites – Ft. Sumter, the Battery, historic buildings such as the Dungeon, an occasional plantation. Our boys never grew tired of exploring.
    Now days, we visit family in the summer when our grandchildren are out of school. We tend to do vacations during the off season.

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    • Lovely memories for all to enjoy, Michelle! We tend to return to the same places because we all enjoy getting to know places better, never tiring of the exploring! Point Loma Tide Pools comes to mind. And, we too, enjoy traveling off season. Less busy and it breaks up the year nicely.

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  6. I love to travel, but we rarely get the chance to go many places. Either not enough money or not enough time off from work. I recently started a new job though where I regularly get 3 and 4 days off in a row (with the workings to even get 5 or 6 days off in a row. So I am hoping we are able to take advantage of that this summer! Living here in Northern West Virginia, I almost always took trips to the mountains (Dolly Sods wilderness area, specifically). It is by far my most favorite place in WV. This year though, I want to venture to other places we can get to within a handful of hours’ drive. Since we will be moving back to the Pacific Northwest (in hopefully a year) I want to show our daughter the east coast sights as much as possible. A DC trip to the Smithsonian as well as the Hampton Roads area of Virginia (I want to show my family where I was raised) are the 2 top musts! Wow! I could probably write an entire post on places I’d like to go!

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    • Write that post, Jenny! Our family has similar binds of time, money, work, which is why we do the shorter trips and I’m just grateful to be able to travel at all! I’ve never been to WV by my brother-in-law graduated from WVU and is mighty proud of that! And, small world, our family is talking about a bigger trip in a few years back to DC! I grew up in PA and, darn it, we never did an of the tourist things there. We’re thinking when our youngest is ~ 13 (he’s 10 now) would be a great time for a big trip. Hopefully we’ll have a bit more time, money, and work flexibility! Thanks for sharing and…how exciting to look forward to a move to the pacific NW…gorgeous!

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      • I think I just may do that, Angie, thanks for sparking an idea!
        Where we live in WV is only an hour and a half from Pittsburgh and about 2 hours from WVU. It truly is Mountaineer country around here! I wish I would have done more “touristy” things when I lived on Virginia. While I did so some it was at a time when not a lot of it stuck with me. Young adulthood and all that. May not be memorable for our daughter either, but who could forget the Smithsonian?!

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      • “it was at a time when not a lot of it stuck with me. Young adulthood and all that” <- this! That's what's great about taking children to places like the Smithsonian, we get to be kids again and help good stuff to stick! I actually have loved one who is on his 8th grade trip and just walked for hours around the Smithsonian. So far it seems like all the walking is his main memory 😀

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      • Agreed! We went to the Pittsburgh Natural History museum a few months ago. Mo was excited about some of the stuff there and she took a lot of pictures, I still think she would have preferred to go to the mall or something. Lol The good thing is, her memory seems in good working order, so when she is older (even if it’s only 5 years from now), she will remember it and appreciate having had the experience.

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      • Exactly! We say that 3 times is a charm. It takes several repetitions to master most anything! So we might as well get one time under their belt while they’re young 😀

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  7. I am in denver and am sure you will have a great time! 🙂 As for June we are planning to take some time off and take a little vacation haven’t decided the destination yet but thinking Vegas or San fran….Being from Canada I am yet to see either of those so am sure it will be a good experience 🙂

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    • Yay for Denver! I’ll only be in for a business weekend but hope to get there more often. Who knows, maybe our paths can cross! And may I suggest San Francisco?! It is among my favorite cities ❤ Vegas is…Vegas! I'm grateful for it, mainly connected to baseball, but for a soul-enriching city, my vote goes to SF.

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      • Yes we are leaning towards SF too ❤ hehe Thanks for your suggestion, I really want to see it too! and hope you can do a bit of sightseeing around Denver on the weekend 🙂 Perhaps go see Red Rocks it is like fifteen mins away from Downtown 🙂

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      • One of my favorite things about Denver is…the airport! Honestly, I just really appreciate the effort that Denver has gone through to be welcoming. I’ll mention the Red Rocks to my husband. Thank you!


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