I’m Angie Mc

profile picWhat makes family life tick?  How can wholeness, success, and happiness be found there for all involved? Answering these questions is my obsession.  I’m driven to be happy, confident, and fulfilled ~ and to help others think clearly, feel responsibly, do their best, and enjoy excellence  ~ within the context of family life.

Click here for more -> about.me.  Thanks for visiting ❤

10 thoughts on “I’m Angie Mc

    • Michelle, as if on cue, I’m “celebrating my imperfection” by replying to your kind comment late. For that I am sorry but it in no way reflects my lack of gratitude. I look forward to connecting with you and, honestly, hope to keep at least some of my imperfection at bay 😀 I hope that spring is treating you and yours beautifully.

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      • You are so kind, Angie!
        And I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather be imperfect with. Let’s make a deal…let’s not ever worry about being late with our bloggy communication. I know your kind heart extends long past a quick reply. You are a gem 🙂

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      • Deal! Didn’t even have to think twice 😀 Thanks for your kindness and likewise new friend. If you could be any gem/jewel, what would you be? I’m torn between a diamond and a sapphire 😀


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