You are super. Own it! #Brave #Friends

It’s a bird.  It’s a plane.  It’s you!  That’s right, you!  You are Superman or Superwoman or Super for short.  Do you agree?  If yes then consider yourself nominated for being SUPER and for the Most Influential Blogger Award via me and Don Charisma.  If you don’t believe you are super, then read on my friend and let me talk you into your super-ness.

A theme of this blog is that family life is difficult and anyone brave enough to take it on is super.  If something is truly difficult like family life, Calculus, or throwing a knuckle ball, then it’s going to take the strength and confidence of Superman to make it happen.  Family life takes hard work, good information, and encouragement.

Encouragement, like many positive things in life, is at it’s best when it is reciprocated.  I encourage you; you encourage me.  I accept your encouragement; you accept mine.  If you are fulfilling roles within the context of a family, you are super.  If you get up each day and give it your best effort in the face of obstacles, push back, confusion, smoke and mirrors, you are super.  If you lose faith, hope, or love and battle to regain it, you are super.  Superman wasn’t perfect; he had his kryptonite.  We earthly superheroes are weakened by all sorts of energy zappers, confidence attackers, and serious suffering.  Because you face your kryptonite, you need encouragement.  Because you face your kryptonite, you are super.  Own it.

Bloggers have this sweet tradition of encouraging each other via awards.  I house my awards in my page called  Bloggers ❤ Awards.  There you will find an eclectic gathering of generous and encouraging bloggers.  Please do visit them, say hi, and tell them Angie Mc sent you.  And guess what, Don Charisma was kind enough to nominate me for his brand new graphic Most Influential Blogger Award. Notice the cool angel wings? Don has a graphic with ripped abs available, also.

If you have read this far, you truly are my superhero! An important step in being super is claiming our super-ness.  I’ve said yes to being super.  Now it’s your turn. Please consider yourself nominated as super 🙂 Own it!  Let me know that you have accepted in my comments below plus, if you blog I’d appreciate a pingback from yours. To the last condition for this award to “include an embedded video of your current favourite song,” I’ll share the song that happens to be humming in my mind as I type…

What makes you super? Brag on!

Thanks a bunch and have a terrific week! ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

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12 thoughts on “You are super. Own it! #Brave #Friends

  1. Thanks for your topic, great info and it gets to the heart of the matter for me. At this time in my life I recognize being super (dare I say it) I. Some aspects of my life but the one area most important to I am falling short of super-ness. After reading your post it was encouraging to remind me that we all can be super and deserve to be if we commit, work hard, and remain in the present. Thanks for your post, great way to start the day. Have a great day and stay super!


    • Glad you like the music, Don! Matt Maher, the grammy nominated songwriter/singer of the tune, is a long time favorite of mine. He resides in my area so I’m privileged to have seen him perform often. And how charming is the fan video? Love it!


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