How to happily return to blogging and other social media after a break, for real.

Having a summer of joy, regrets, and a steep learning curve, has its natural consequences. For example, without thought, a part-time blogger can become a part-part-part-time blogger in a hot second. And a social media enthusiast can become distracted from a variety of platforms faster than ice cream melts in the sun. At first, this distraction may come as a surprise. Upon experience and reflection, it is to be anticipated. Returning to social media is a breeze with a positive attitude and a plan.

Looking ahead, the ideal way to return to social media is to plan a break from it in the first place. For example, many bloggers are derailed by the fullness of life, the real reason we’re on the planet. New and part-time bloggers especially can help themselves by not waiting for life to build to a deafening crescendo before reacting with earplugs and running for the nearest peace and quiet. How to take a break from blogging by Harleena Singh, a Twitter friend I’ve long admired, is brimming with practical and encouraging ways to plan and relax.

The flip side of the overwhelmed coin is that going with the flow can lull social media enthusiasts into taking a break unawares. As non-media life becomes content and comfortable, social media time can slip through relaxed fingers. When this happens, and it will, take notice and action. Share some small social media love, guilt-free. Twitter is great for light status updates. Snap pictures specifically for sharing. Comment on a few blogs. Social media as life, isn’t an all-or-nothing endeavor. Social media provides platforms on which to grow, change, and take creative action.

Whether a break from social media is planned or not, returning is easy after analyzing current conditions. Parallel to sharing and connecting in small ways, analyze what social media practices and habits have been beneficial and happy-making in the past. Was tweeting on the fly a blast? Did social media tools like Hootsuite help with consistency? Did content curation, which Buffer offers, keep interest high? Did blogging daily help keep a routine? Keep what works, ditch the rest, and plan a bright future.


A happy social media future includes placing a return date on the calendar. SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time based. Without a deadline, social media enthusiasts can wait for a “good” or “perfect” time to return. Surely, some times are better than others, yet it is the waiting passively that is the real culprit. Return today, tomorrow, next Friday, or next month, but do pro-actively return.

On a personal note, I’m happy to return to blogging with a sharper focus on content and a streamlined posting plan. Family Love Does More, as my personal blog, will compliment my work blog Arizona Performance Psychology. Content on both will focus on how to improve personal, relationship, and time/energy related performance, yet here I can let my hair down and show performance psychology in action as it relates to how my family and I do more, love more. I’ll also continue to share my favorite things because they make me, and hopefully you, happy. Since I work for Arizona Performance Psychology Tuesday through Saturday, you’ll see me here primarily on Sunday and Monday.

Thank you to all who have supported me and my social media adventures. I look forward to giving you my best and am eager to continue changing and growing with you. I return renewed with gratitude for you, my social media friends.

All the best ~ Angie Mc
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60 thoughts on “How to happily return to blogging and other social media after a break, for real.

  1. Welcome back! Great info here. I find when I take a social media ‘break’, it’s not really a complete break as I’ll still read a few blogs and search a few twitter lists. But it’s a much lighter load. There have been a few times I’ve had a forced disconnect due to no wifi (eg. a cruise vacation), but I’ve found it pretty easy to jump back in.

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  2. Oh my, Angie, how nice to see you back. 💕 I was worried I’d have to send out the WordPress CSI team to find out what happened to you. Hope the break left you all fresh and renewed. Look forward to your posts. I have missed you, for sure. Hugs. Van

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    • I’ve missed you too, Van! That’s enough of me taking breaks for a while, right? Thanks for your encouragement and I look forward to catching up at your place soon. have a great week!😘

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  3. There you are!! I literally was JUST thinking, “I haven’t seen Angie around in a while….hummm…” and here you are! Your new venture sounds really cool, look forward to reading some more good stuff. 🙂

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    • Thanks for noticing, Diana! Our new family venture, adventure, is cool 😎 We’re excited and privileged to pull together our personal and professional experience and interests in a new way! I look forward to your feedback and am always glad to connect with you. Happy week ahead to you and yours. PS, we’re back to school at home today. Sophomore and 5th grade, can you believe it? You?

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    • Good point, Scott! Growing on social media is optional. I need to edit that point in😉 Growing on social media is especially optional when you have small children at home. That’s plenty enough of growing, don’t you think? Happy weekend to you and your crew! 😇😇😇


  4. Very well stated… I truly agree with many of your points here… When blogging becomes a burden or we feel it is taking us too much time we need to reschedule our posts… Taking time for ourselves beyond the screen is very important and when we do so we might surely come back to Blogland feeling renewed!… Hugs and happy weekend ahead to you, dear Angie! Aquileana ⭐

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    • Exactly, Aquileana! You set a fine example of a blogger with a unique and highly engaged posting rhythm. I so very much appreciate the interesting content at your blog and how you combine it with generous shout-outs. Plus, you also find time to visit and comment on other blogs. I don’t know how you do it all, friend! But you do it well and with such positive energy and honesty. Good for you! And good for me that I count you among my blogging friends ❤ Have a lovely weekend!

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  5. You captured it all here, Angie. I’ve dropped in an out of blogging, felt guilty along the way (not terribly productive to much of anything), tried to explain (yawn!), just ignored my absences (current). The upshot: I have few answers for how to be consistent. I have possibly gained some better insight into why I started my blog in the first place. One thing I’m pretty sure of for me: Where I initially thought my story might be helpful to others along their walk, the real gifts of my writing have been those flowing from others back to me, as I’ve connected with, been amazed by, learned from, and been blessed by you and Wendy and others.

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    • Spot on, Mary Adrienne. It’s the flowing back and forth, the give and take, just being in the arena as a participant that opens path to blessings galore. My friend, , comments regularly about allowing for friendships to naturally unfold, ebb, flow, and grow via blogging. Right in there is where we can take breaks knowing we have friends to return to who understand! Beautiful Sunday to you and yours ❤


  6. Very nice! I tend to get distracted easy and sometimes find it hard to blog consistently. Especially with a 60 hour work week and spending a couple hours a day learning guitar. Honestly, I wouldn’t care except for the fact that I like to foster the connections I make here!

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