Fast Friday Challenge: How quickly can you write a blog post that you like and is worth sharing?

Now that I have double-duty blogging for our family business, Arizona Performance Psychology, and for this, my personal blog, I realize that I need to write and publish more quickly. Certainly, some posts demand my attention to content and detail which can take time. These posts are akin to producing a lovely, delicious, and nutritious soup from scratch. Soup takes time. But some posts can be delicious and nutritious without the extended labor. At least, that’s my theory which I’m putting to the test right now.

I’m 7 minutes and 33 seconds into this post so I’m going with a stream of consciousness approach for the narrative while anticipating that I want to share some links with you.

On the topic of food, I scored two new finds at Costco. 100% Veggies Sweet Corn Crunch Dried Kernels is a hit here. My only concern is that someone will eat the entire bulk bag in one sitting! The other love is mine-all-mine because none of my men will be caught dead eating Kale Chips. Now I’ve mentioned my fondness for kale before, to include making my own chips, but truth be told, these are better.

Seventeen minutes into this experiment and I want to mention some minor blog house-keeping. I’ve taken off the 10 post carousal to improve download time for smart phone use (do we still refer to our mobile phones as smart phones? Can we just say “phone”?) I’ve also discontinued Angie Mc’s Reblog Love because, well, it just didn’t gain traction and I’ve chosen instead to stay connected with other bloggers via likes and comments. I’m also streamlining and consolidating categories and tags based on which posts have been best received and which I enjoy writing most.

Looking at my stopwatch, I have 6 minutes left to spell check, add a pic, format categories and tags, and wish a jubilant 4th of July my fellow Americans and a lovely weekend to all friends across the globe. Here’s a collection of 4th of July music hits from years past to help celebrate!

How will spend the 4th of July? What is your favorite 4th of July memory?

And, how quickly can you write a blog post that you like and is worth sharing? Take the Fast Friday Challenge! Time it, post it, and share a link below 😀

30:13.47 ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

32 thoughts on “Fast Friday Challenge: How quickly can you write a blog post that you like and is worth sharing?

  1. Well, it can take me quite a while and then again, I may be thoroughly inspired and whip out a post in 15 minutes. We can all tell when a post is a “space filler”, smile. My favorite memory of July 4th is as a child on my grandparents farm, a huge family reunion and one particular fun loving uncle who had a way of showing everyone a good time! Thank you for the lovely article and the opportunity to say a few words!

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    • Belated thank you for this reply, Holly! You give me great hope that someday I’ll be able to bang out a post in 15 minutes, WOW! And thank you for sharing your sweet family story. I hope your summer has been terrific.

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  2. Ha, this was sort of me tonight! I think I wrote and edited the post in 25 minutes, which is actually pretty good for me 🙂 But then if you add in the time it took me to cook & photograph the food I posted, that was another hour or so.

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  3. It seems like my best stuff is that which comes spontaneously. I woke up to a back deck that had been assaulted by birds/wildlife that I had fed with high fiber biscuits last night, not thinking about the possibilities. My post…Crying Fowl, evolved in about 15 minutes from idea to posting. Those are my favorites, and seem to write themselves. Thanks, Angie. Happy Independence Day !!! ☺

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  4. You have all surpassed my best time of 45 minutes. Posting takes time and energy for me. I check, double check, and then triple check before I publish my post.
    My favorite 4th of July celebrations are the rare occasions today when I can have all of my children and their families gathered, much like the celebrations of my childhood.

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  5. Oh, Angie McFly, good question. I can take anywhere from 15 minutes to five hours on a post. The see-it, click-the-photo, write-it-from-the-gut and post-it makes me feel like a kid on Christmas morning. The combing through the old photos and sorting through the memory banks to craft the perfect Throwback makes me feel I’ve turned in a great term paper. I like both types, and I hope the world does, too.

    Best of fortunes keeping your new work blog and this very good personal blog humming, my great friend. You can do it!

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    • Belated thank you for this reply, Mark. I love that you like both types of posts, Christmas morning and term paper, which must in part explain why you are happy in your blogging work. Thank you for your encouragement, friend. It’s coming together slowly but surely here ❤


  6. I have no idea how long it takes to write one of my blog posts. I do know that it always ends up being longer and more “wordy” than I expect it’s going to be when I get started. My new hiking posts are being less lengthy though because if the photos. Yes! The pictures I take with my “phone”. I simply call it my phone.
    Btw – had a great 4th. My daughter and I went on our 3rd hike! I’ll be posting about that soon (and timing how long it takes me to do so)!
    Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend!

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    • Belated thank you for this reply, Jenny. I do hope you’ll post more about your hiking adventures. Your photos are terrific! Happy Friday and I hope this finds you well 😀


  7. Once I start writing, it flows pretty quickly…then grammar check and spelling. My time-eater is picking either photographs or art prints to blog about! Most of the time I sit down and let an inspiration just come to me. Typically it is something that I had been working on in my website recently or a photo shoot I just did.

    Hope your 4th was great!!

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  8. I think my shortest posts, other than introductory paragraphs to a reblogging of things, have ten around ten minutes to write. That’s been writing about something I know well enough to write up in a few short minutes, though. The actual writing of something more substantial, like my little A-To-Z project on the mathematics blog, will often be around a half-hour or so. But that again includes time spent mulling over what I mean to write, and often getting distracted by further research along the way.

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  9. I’m a bit behind on blogging & visits. Slowly catching up & making some rounds. Summer has been busier than I thought it would be.
    As for the 4th of July. My daughters were in their first parade representing their lacrosse team. They had a great time & I enjoyed my 1st 4th of July parade since living in WI – 19 years.
    Hope yours was a blast!

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  10. This is a great challenge! I just started blogging and it takes a while for me to write. I get ideas within seconds, but putting them all in writing is another story:p I will have to put this interesting challenge to the test!

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    • I’m with you, Nena! With practice, I hope the speed comes when I need it! While there are times when I enjoy a leisurely time of writing and posting, I would love to be able to count on speed when in need. Good luck!

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