Meet my gang.



This is Dashing Dave, my husband of 25+ years. I’m not sure why we were allowed to marry when we were pretty much babies, but doing so afforded us a bunch of time to grow up together. He’s a Clinical Psychologist and Consultant in the Public Health Service and also works in private practice. He’s the introvert to my extrovert. He’s the king to this queen. And best of all, he makes me laugh until all is well in my world.

Pope blog

Next up is my daughter’s family. She blogs at d.k. pope  and was kind enough to write this introduction, “Hi all! I’m Devin, married to Michael, and we have a son, Henry. We moved from AZ to eastern Washington last year for Michael’s schooling (he’s in a physics doctorate program.) I have a degree in journalism and mass communication and have worked mainly as a reporter and newspaper designer. Now I’m focusing on being mama to Henry and eventually will start freelancing. Our hobbies include rock climbing/hiking, cooking, craft beer, and good TV.” Mamó is blowing kisses to you, Henry.

Aiden blog

On the left is Aiden (more about the little guy in a bit). Aiden is a freshman away at college where he’s living on campus, studying Communications, and playing competitive baseball. As a pitcher, he’s receiving top-notch training and his teammates are great. If Aiden isn’t playing baseball, he’s likely listening to all sorts of music, making someone laugh, or helping out a friend. Come home as soon as you can, kid.


Ian chose to home educate for high school, like his older siblings.  Here’s his introduction.  “I’m an aspiring entrepreneur, creative thinker, and baseball player.  I’ve been rehabbing from shoulder surgery so I’ve had time to work on a handful of interesting projects.  My number one project is a custom table made from reclaimed pallet wood.  I’ll use it as a desk in my room that I just took over from my brother when he went to college. I can’t wait to get back to athletics.” I look forward to watching you play again soon.

JP blog

Meet JP. He wants you to know, “My world might be different from others.  It is full of fun, jokes, and sweet hair.  I love to play baseball and I’m very happy even though I need to do my chores every day.  We have a dog, named Freedom, and a fat cat named, Leon.  I have my own three mice.  They aren’t blind.  Their names are Big Papi, Bryce Harper, and Goldie (AZ Diamondback’s Paul Goldschmidt.)  My life is very good.”  This kid needs to come out of his shell 😉 .

Angie funeral blog picAnd here’s a recent picture of me.  Dashing Dave took it while we were at a beer tasting fundraiser for The Irish Cultural Center in Phoenix.  Women are funny.  Many of us are hyper-critical about pictures of ourselves.  We don’t like how our hair looks, or that our outfit is all wrong, or that our kid is making bunny ears behind our head.  I told my friend, Diane, that if for any reason a picture of me was needed for public purposes, this is the one that I like.  So, Diane, thanks for having my back on this one 🙂

And this is the picture that started it all.  I used it as my header when I started this blog (different format) almost a year ago.  I think we’re growing up real good ❤ Update 10-3-2014


29 thoughts on “Meet my gang.

    • This reply is quite overdue, but thank you thank you for your comment!

      I hopped over to your blog, lovely! You shared today: “We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence. See how nature – trees, flowers, grass- grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence… We need silence to be able to touch souls” ~ Mother Teresa

      Thank you, again 🙂

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    • Thanks for the compliment, Mark! Flattery will get you everywhere 😀 I was having such a great time the night that picture was taken. Dave and I were out on the town, not at a baseball field (what?), and loving it! I can see my happiness in that picture and I hope others can too 🙂 Smokin’ McFly has a special ring to it 😉


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