Nothing Without Love is music on which a family can agree and hear echoes of the past. [Video]

Nate Ruess splashed onto our family scene when We Are Young blew up the summer of 2012. At the time, he was with Fun and as a local Glendale boy making it big, the song received airtime galore here in Arizona. Here’s a local article that captures the hometown pride, How Nate Ruess of Fun. went from Glendale to Grammys. In this interview he shares,

I wasn’t too concerned about the one-hit-wonder thing,” he says, “because we weren’t supposed to be there in the first place. Originality is not necessarily the go-to move in that world.

Ruess is no one-hit-wonder. I was driving with J.P. when we first heard Nothing Without Love. Immediately I knew his voice, recognizing his unique articulation. Then I swiftly was transported to the past with a glimpse of the Beatles here, of Queen there…ELO…REM… Ruess weaves together classic rock sound with fresh execution. He tells a simple story of love that starts quietly, crescendos, and explodes! Since then our family has listened to, talked about, and enjoyed this triumphant song.

What music are you enjoying today? Do your family and friends enjoy music together? What are your favorite love songs?

I am nothing without love ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

18 thoughts on “Nothing Without Love is music on which a family can agree and hear echoes of the past. [Video]

  1. Yes, love the name of the song, whenever I hear this song it is a sharp reminder that life is fleeting and I need to savor these moments at the moment. For me one of the the gifts of art/music/performance is that it can transport me to a memorable, exciting, hopeful place in seconds. Thanks for the moment and keep them coming.

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  2. My wife and kids absolutely hate my music, lol. I am not into the whole pop/hip-hip thing. Modern rock, classic rock and classical are my tastes.

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    • Oh this makes me so happy, Barbara! My teens are on top of the popular/college music scene. I pick what I like too and share it here. There’s a lot of great music out now! A beautiful Mother’s Day to you ❤️


  3. Angie – ‘Nothing Without Love,’ definitely says it all – I’ve added it to my playlists and am eager to explore his other recordings. I’m a BIG believer in love and how it sustains us not only through each day but from one moment to the next.
    I try to make Tom a new CD for each new day. I do my best to make each CD a mix of songs we danced to and set and cuddled while listening to in the early days before Tom became ill and then other songs we’ve discovered together or apart.
    I always include: I Just Called To Say You by Stevie Wonder, Dream a Little Dream by Cass Elliott, The Love I Found In You by Jim Brickman, P.S., I Love You, Bette Miller, The Way We Were by Barbara Streisand, and of course numerous Andrew Lloyd Weber songs such as All I Ask of You, Memory, The Last Man in My Life and the list goes on. Tom and I both love music and it follows us everywhere the same as books.
    Have you found any good tofu recipes lately? Just wondering. Love, Sheri

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    • How beautiful, Sheri! Wow, a new CD a day?! Well then, I’m going to be sure to blog about my favorite music with that in mind ❤ Are you on Spotify?
      Unfortunately, no new tofu recipes yet. But spring baseball is drawing to an end and my regular life can begin. So happy to see you here. Please give Tom a big HI from me, Happy Mother’s Day and have a healthy week ahead ❤

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