A collection of tender moments in art and a sweet video in honor of Mother’s Day.

Among the purest expressions of human love can be found in art that captures a tender moment between mother and child.

mother and baby

Mothering an infant.

mary cassatt bath

Mothering a child.

Mother Teenager

Mothering a teenager.


Mothering an adult.

Happy Mother’s Day to all ❤ ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

For more art see In Honor Of Mother’s Day, A Look At The Moms Of Art History.

Photos: Wikimedia Commons

19 thoughts on “A collection of tender moments in art and a sweet video in honor of Mother’s Day.

  1. Love these images. I was so moved by the Pieta. I had the chance to witness it in person at the Vatican Pavilion of the NY World’s Fair in 1965. It was an ethereal experience that I’ll never forget. ❤

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    • What an experience, Van ~~~~ swoon. What else do you remember seeing at the World’s Fair? I hope to travel to Italy and the Vatican within the next few years. <- Dream come true….

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      • The Unisphere, the Monorail, Sinclair Oil’s Dinoland (life -size dinos), Bell Telephone’s vision of the future where we all were using picturephones, just to name a few highlights. Disney sponsored the GE exhibit that later became the “Carousel of Progress” in Tomorrowland at Disneyworld, where the audience rotated around fixed stages. Disney also premiered “It’s a Small World”. It was amazing, unforgettable. ☺

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    • Mary Cassatt is my favorite too, Barbara. I became especially connected to her and her work after my daughter was born. Now, when I see Cassatt, I see myself and my daughter. Good for the heart!


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