Who Do You Love More… Mom or Dad? Funny glimpse into family life and a tip for fathers. [Video]

Why do little children say that they love their mama more than their daddy? If I were in a serious mood, I would offer that a child needs to feel connected to one person in the early days and years before they can move on to form healthy and happy attachments to others. I may add that it is often the mother’s privilege to spend more time with her little ones than dad. But I’m not in a serious mood.

Last Sunday I was in a serious mood and posted a collection of tender moments in art and a sweet video in honor of Mother’s Day. This Sunday, I’m laughing. I adore each of the dads in this video because the writing was on the wall and yet they braved having a figurative piano dropped on their head for the amusement of others.

Dads and all wonderful men want what is best for children and their mothers. They provide, protect, encourage, engage, endure, and so much more.

My tip for fathers is this. Keep doing what you’re doing. Your Father’s Day gift may not be expensive, the life-preserver may not be thrown to you, you may be traded for Spiderman, fed to a zombie, and, yes, Jimmy Kimmel may throw you under the bus in front of millions. But that’s what great men do. They take it for the team.

What was your favorite moment in this video? How have you taken it for the family team? Would you rather be replaced by Spiderman or have a moment of fame on a late night show?

Happy Sunday ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

19 thoughts on “Who Do You Love More… Mom or Dad? Funny glimpse into family life and a tip for fathers. [Video]

  1. Ha, what a mean question to ask these poor kids! But the dads took it well. I like the kid who was so willing to trade Dad for Spiderman. But dads shouldn’t worry. When those kids become teenagers, Dads shine pretty brightly in their eyes. Or at least that’s the hope, anyway. 😉

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    • Exactly, Carrie! My teens need their dad to help usher them into the world properly. Once in the world, my young adults truly begin to understand the importance and purpose of their dad’s steadfast love. They wouldn’t trade him for Spiderman 😀

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