Bloggers ❤ Awards

When I started blogging I wrote,

Blogging Awards are a sweet way to introduce oneself and get to know other bloggers.  My mama taught me to say “Thank you” when offered a compliment, so thank you for your sweet nominations.  When time allows, I will gladly accept and fulfill the intent, if not the requirements, of the award.

I’m so glad that I enjoyed my season of giving and accepting blogging awards and challenges. As a social media hobbyist, I adore the *social* aspect of it. Chatting, visiting, commenting, liking, reading and all forms of connecting make me, and I hope others, happy.

As of summer of 2015, I’ve transitioned my social media hobby into a real job, one that I love. I’m a Performance Consultant and Chief Operations Officer at Arizona Performance Psychology, our family business where I run the social media game plan.

Due to this change, time does not allow for blogging awards or challenges here at Family Love Does More. But I will continue to do my best to reply to all comments as well as like and comment on other blogs that I enjoy. Thank you again for your many kindnesses and courtesies. You are all award winners to me!

Update: August 15, 2015

❤ ~~~~~❤~~~~~❤~~~~~❤~~~~~❤

When I nominate a blogger for an award, please know that it is given freely as a gift and as a gesture of gratitude.  Nothing is required in return since the intent is simply to offer a gift or an opportunity to engage.  If I have nominated you for a previously accepted award/s, feel free to choose from any of the following.  Thank you!

Details of awards prior to September, 2014 have been edited for the sake of brevity.

❤ ~~~~~❤~~~~~❤~~~~~❤~~~~~❤

creative blogger award

very inspiring blog award glitter

For details on this trio of awards, check out New Inspiring and Creative Blogger Awards and an invitation to meet engaging friends. [Part 2]  May 7, 2015

❤ ~~~~~❤~~~~~❤~~~~~❤~~~~~❤

versatile-blogger-award gold

versatile blogger award round

versatile-blogger-award green

For details on this trio of awards, check out The Versatile Blogger Award and an invitation to meet some engaging friends. May 6, 2015

❤ ~~~~~❤~~~~~❤~~~~~❤~~~~~❤

very inspiring blogger award

For details on this award, check out this post, Inspiring friends plus a tip on how to delegate. March 7, 2015

❤ ~~~~~❤~~~~~❤~~~~~❤~~~~~❤


Aquileana is a most generous blogger, kind and friendly, and oh so smart.  She writes about Greek Mythology with such passion and depth that I read her posts on Sunday when I want to float away into another realm.  She nominated me for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award and I’m grateful.  Thank you, friend! October 16, 2014

❤ ~~~~~❤~~~~~❤~~~~~❤~~~~~❤
freshly-baked award
I love pie. I mean I really love pie. And baking. And baking pies. So, as if meeting Melissa at Real Christianity recently hasn’t been lovely enough, she’s dishing out a Freshly Baked Award for the yummy taking. Go and enjoy! Delightful ❤ September 26, 2014

❤ ~~~~~❤~~~~~❤~~~~~❤~~~~~❤


This SUPER award inspired me to write You are super. Own it! Thank you, again, Don Charisma, for the nomination 🙂 May 26, 2014

❤ ~~~~~❤~~~~~❤~~~~~❤~~~~~❤

Showered with love and 5 nominations, my sista in family life blogging, Lydia Devadason, has nominated me for my 2nd Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award .  And Lydia continues her generosity with this dynamic four:

April 23, 2014

❤ ~~~~~❤~~~~~❤~~~~~❤~~~~~❤

versatile blogger award

My friend, Evi, spoils me 🙂 Thank you for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger award! If you haven’t met Evi at evelenmargaret yet, do! ~ March 12, 2014

❤ ~~~~~❤~~~~~❤~~~~~❤~~~~~❤

Genevieve at Daily Coloring Outside the Lines kindly nominated me for the Liebster Award, how lovely!  ~  March 9, 2014

❤ ~~~~~❤~~~~~❤~~~~~❤~~~~~❤

sunshine award

My lovely friend, Evi, was kind enough to share this shiny award with me at evelenmargaret where she blogs about “fashion, art, design & more” and where I drool over glove paired with handbags. Do you remember my Radiant Orchid Reblog? That’s Evi! Thank you for your kindness and for making the world a more beautiful place. ~  February 26, 2014


cracking blog award

Aquiliana at Plato’s Dialogues  , @aquileana, kindly offered me this award shortly after meeting and I thank her!  It pleases me that she sees my desire to spread joy, peace, hope and love.  And I’m flattered to have gained her attention, seeing that her blog is so well-regarded and attended.  ~  February 18, 2014

❤ ~~~~~❤~~~~~❤~~~~~❤~~~~~❤


Catherine at *Recovery Ramblins Blog of ~ Author Catherine Lyon* made me smile today, as she does many a day, by showering me with kind words and this lovely Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! How cute is that?  Cat, thanks a bunch for your enthusiasm, transparency, and warm welcoming nature. I was happy to see that Cat was nominated by a lovely Twitter friend, Tazein at transendingbordersblog whose blog I wasn’t following. Am now 🙂  Thank you for engaging with me sweet blogging sisters ❤  November 26, 2013

47 thoughts on “Bloggers ❤ Awards

  1. What a lovely idea! thank you Angie for including me in your nominees! I always enjoy reading your blog as well. I love your mom’s advice that when someone offers a compliment you should always say thank you, regardless of your feelings of worthiness- what a great lesson to teach (especially to girls!)
    I look forward to checking out the blogs of your other nominees as well!


    • My privilege, truly! I love engaging with friends with a variety of passions and experiences. I learn so much from others. I can never give back all that I have gained, but I’ll try 🙂


  2. I’ve made a (very) slow entry into this blogging world but I’m still here! During this season of Thanks I have a new passion, a new commitment and an old/new friend. Yay! Thanks Angie.


  3. Dear Angie…

    I am really flattered !. Thanks a lot for the nomination … But I already have The Shine On Award and also the other two. That´s a pitty. Anyway, I´ll mention you in my next post and link you back.

    Best wishes, Aquileana 😉


    • I am not surprised that you are a multi-award winning blogger! Whenever I receive a new one, I’ll check back with you to see if I can share 🙂 In the mean time, know that I appreciate you!


      • Thanks a bunch dear Angie. I appreciate you too… Okay, I ´ll do the same when I get new ones! . I wasn´t sure if wanted to get awards on your blog, so now I know.

        Best wishes Aquileana 😉


  4. Thank you so much for the Shine On award, Mom! I’m sorry I missed it until now. I know you say you’re a “bad blogger” but you’ve got to admit I’m so much worse – back at it for the time being…. probably till around April 21… 😉


  5. Thank you for this, Angie. What a total surprise. I feel like God and you gave me a big hug just when I needed it, providing some encouragement just at the right time.

    I don’t understand the award world yet at all, so would you help me understand what is appropriate for me to do to respond beyond letting you know how you’ve touched my heart?

    Have a blessed day as we march confidently into this beautiful Spring day.


    • You are a gem, Mary Adrienne! I feel, and others may disagree, that an award is given freely with no strings attached. For me, you didn’t even have to thank me, but I’m sure glad you did. From there, I just do want I can, when I can, with the awards. That’s why I started this page, to help me keep track. You’ll see many options for how to accept and enjoy awards on different blogs. Find what is a blessing to you, and do that ❤ Did that answer your question? I’m glad to expand or clarify 🙂


    • Truly my privilege, Maggie! My only challenge with your blog is wanting to try all your great ideas 🙂 My almond oil is staring me down saying, “Make the scrub, Angie; make the scrub!” Enjoy ❤


  6. Thank you Angie for nominating me for the fab four award, It ties in to my love for The Beatles. Know that I appreciate you and your fabulous family life blog. Also, your friendship is truly appreciated.


  7. Thank you for the sweet nomination, Angie!! I really enjoyed reading the tidbits about you! I’m really impressed that you type standing up 🙂 I only stand when necessary! ha ha
    Are you a grandma yet?? 🙂


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