My 24-Minute Morning Routine which includes exercise and stretching. [Part 3 of 3]

Are  you rocking the 24-Minute Morning Routine yet? Yes! Tell me more. No? Let me convince you to do so in three short posts. Welcome to part 3.

The attraction of the 24-Minute Morning Routine is to get many high priority tasks done first thing in the morning, all at one time, and fast. Let’s call that Plan A. Yet, I’ve found an excellent Plan B: Flexibility. morning routine blog

Because my schedule is not my own, there are mornings when I can’t do my morning routine without interruption. I’ve broken it down into three main parts that fit nicely together. The first part includes brushing your teeth and drinking water. The second part includes meditation and focused planning.  Here’s the third part.

6. Exercise (7 minutes). There are two great reasons to exercise for a mere 7 minutes every morning. The first is to wake up the body, to give the body a clear message to get moving. I use The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App and here’s the science behind it. The second is to get fit arms. I run and bike and don’t do a blessed thing for my arms other than this workout. My sons say my arms are buff 😀

7. Stretch (2 minutes). Before the 7-minute workout there’s a “warm-up” option. I loathe warming up, but warm up I do. After the 7-minute workout there’s a “cool-down” stretch option. I also add foam rolling and neck exercises recommended by my care provider.

Part 3 comes in at approximately 10 minutes. After this I drink my morning smoothie, which I’ll post about soon, and I’ll either go for a run or take a cold shower.

Do you have a strong morning routine? Do you need a flexible routine? Do you have a favorite app for fitness?  

I hope all of your days get off to a bright start ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

30 thoughts on “My 24-Minute Morning Routine which includes exercise and stretching. [Part 3 of 3]

  1. Part 3 comes in at approximately 10 minutes? Approximately? You’re losing control. You’d better tighten this thing up before it bleeds into 25 minutes. Then your whole day’s gonna be thrown off. You can’t get that minute back, ya know. Focus.

    Happy Mother’s Day. Make sure your babies treat you right.

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    • Scott, lol! Notice the words “approximately” and “flexible”. Those are code for “Dear Lord help me to get dressed before this day chews me up and spits me out!” Happy Mother’s Day to your dear wife as well. I know our babies are going to treat us right ❤


  2. I work out every morning. Not sure I’d be able to motivate my body to move through the day if I didn’t. 🙂 I have a great collection of fitness DVDs, so I never get bored and can cater my workout to my mood that morning.

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  3. You are quite organized in the morning! I have to have my coffee right after I drink my water. Then I do warm-ups (never timed them) and set out to run (ok, these days it is more of a jog), I run four days and do light weights two days a week. Being retired I can be flexible but I need a strong routine to keep me going. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement. I will look forward to your smoothie post.

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    • Thank you, CC! I’m organized out of desperation 😀 I really do need to add weights to my daily routine. My sons will help me out with that this summer when it gets hot here in the desert. It sounds like you are making the most of your flexible retirement time, good for you!


  4. You had me until the cold shower. Ouch. I know there are benefits, still seems a bit like torture ! I have zero schedule and it’s pretty wonderful. I can alternate my exercise, shower, reading, writing, housework, etc. I spend a lot of time and energy planning to eat my own cooking.

    My morning revolves around beverages. I drink juice of a half lemon in 12 oz. of water with the vitamins du jour. I then have white or green tea with honey and milk and a light fiber/protein bar. I read, write, catch up on the news. About 2 hours later, I have coffee and breakfast, followed by the morning walk and the hunter-gatherer food thing ! For seems to work.

    p.s. Until October, the nightly routine involves baseball ! Phillies fan, no matter how bad they are doing.
    ☺ Van

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    • Of course you’re a baseball fan! We are friends 😀 I’m originally from Scranton therefore I should have been a Phillies fan but our family didn’t follow baseball. You have 10 wins, my D-backs have 13. We’re not exactly burning it up!
      Oh, your morning routine sounds scrumptious! I*Can’t*Wait to have such flexibility! For now, I’m just glad to be up and ready before stuff unravels, lol. Oh, and I do live in a desert. “Cold” water is a relative term 😉

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  5. Totally like the encouragement – used to exercise much more than what I do today, but will be changing up my routine. I still do palettes (probably spelt it wrong) and lift weights – I was more regular about walking and running. Yes I need to change up and become more disciplined. Great post Angie.

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    • Yay, Mary! Please do keep me posted about how you change things up. So much of it is just finding something new or interesting. Or if not, I just want to get the basics over with fast 😀

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  6. Hi dear Angie… I am more the evening routine type…. I usually ride the stationary bike which by the ways leads nowhere 😛 I like to have a morning routine when I am in holidays, during summer…
    Working out lifts me up!!!!… Wishing you a groovy weekend! Love. Aquileana 😀

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  7. Hey angie mac, this is such a nice post = I like to see how people tend to their wellness and the little notecard you share and other tips can just spawn ideas in others – even if we do not do exactly the same – it goes in and makes a difference. I have heard about the value of 5 to 10 minute workouts – especially for those healing… anyhow, my routine is different and really depends on what I need – i have been doing these “forward folds” I learned with adrienne reed yoga – and it is such a deep hamstring stretch that feels like a massage – and well, once you settle into the forward fold you can stay there for 5 minutes – or longer – not sure if you do yoga poses/stretches – but adrienne reed was the yoga teacher that finally introduced me to some poses that worked for me – and my body seems to know when I need a longer stretch – anyhow, wonderful post even tho I think I would want a warm shower – ha – like Vic – take care

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    • Yoga! I may take a yoga class this summer (when it is ridiculously hot here in the desert) and I’m curious to learn more about “forward folds.” Good for you to find something that works for you and sharing that with me and others, Yvette. Thanks so much and have a wonderful weekend 😀

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      • oh angie, these forward folds feel like the back leg is getting a light massage – when you do them right. and I always wanted to know a proper hamstring stretch – and well, so many yoga poses were “ok” for me- but never great. and I went to classes, bought video after video and just always thought yoga was not for me.

        Then – for a short while adrienne reed was on tv and the BEST I ever encountered. I think forward folds “3” and airplanes “3” were the best for me personally. the airplanes stretch is for the arms and aligns posture with core strengthening – and those forward folds are for legs and core. They are so easy- you do a dogward down – relax into it – then keep your tailbone up – chest out – and really pull into the stretch – she explains it more – and well, she is off the air now and I want to order a series– but I am not positive which “set” of hers to get – so in the meantime, I just do the favs I recall.

        your summer class sounds fun – will it be outdoors?

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      • I get what you’re saying about yoga. Like so many things I’ve tried, I keep open to opportunities that can change my mind about a previously unimpressive impression. I did yoga while pregnant, so now it may be time to revisit as the person I am now, wanting to be lean and mean 😉 No, no, no thank goodness the class will be indoors to keep me out of 110+ temperatures! It will be at our local Parks and Rec, filled with air conditioning 😀

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      • oh glad you will have some AC. 🙂 and funny about the lean and mean – well not funny – but you know, nice to read and nice goal. Looks like you are mean and lean already! Anyhow, like you – I want to be healthy first and foremost and building strength is a key part of that.
        I have slowly been building my endurance in different areas – and on the treadmill I now have the incline going sometimes – and that means I am building strength. I would like to do more than 3 pull-ups – but baby steps – ha!
        and if I get my hands on the proper explanation of these amazing forward folds I will be sure to drop back by and share it.

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      • Oh, Yvette! Shall we have a friendly pull-up competition? The first gal to get to 3 pull-ups wins 😀 And thanks for thinking of me regarding the forward folds. I’ll appreciate it!


  8. Happy Mother’s Day, Angie. I stretch for about 15 minutes each morning and then have a 45-60 morning exercise routine. I do a combination of exercises. Two days a week I do deep water walking, then at home on the remaining days I alternate treadmill, Pilates on the reformer and tower, TRX, Swiss ball, and weight training. I do enjoy working out, so it makes it fairly easy. However, that being said, there are days when life takes over and I miss a day or two.

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    • I eat breakfast after my morning routine. Specifically, I eat a snack within an hour of rising then I have a smoothie for breakfast a few hours later, at around 9 a.m. Thanks for asking!


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