My 24-Minute Morning Routine which includes meditation and focused planning. [Part 2 of 3]

Are  you rocking the 24-Minute Morning Routine yet? Yes! Tell me more. No? Let me convince you to do so in three short posts. Welcome to part 2.

The attraction of the 24-Minute Morning Routine is to get many high priority tasks done first thing in the morning, all at one time, and fast. Let’s call that Plan A. Yet, I’ve found an excellent Plan B: Flexibility. morning routine blog

Because my schedule is not my own, there are mornings when I can’t do my morning routine without interruption. I’ve broken it down into three main parts that fit nicely together. The first part includes brushing your teeth and drinking water. Here’s the second part.

4. Meditate (7-10 minutes). As a morning and thinking person, I wake up with racing thoughts. Sitting down on a chair, helps me to calm my brain, collect myself, and prepare for an intentional day. While the term “meditation” can be off-putting to some, feel free to look past the term itself. The key is to stop, relax, and remember one’s best intentions for the day. I use Headspace.

5. Focus (5 minutes). As I stand up from meditation, I then set my phone timer to 5 minutes and start writing on my bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker. I sketch out my day, starting with my intention (usually a habit of disposition to practice such as patience or kindness) and then I scan the calendar in my mind (and on my phone if needed) and plot out my day. Once planned, I (attempt to) relax and let the day unfold as it will. When bedtime calls, I clean the mirror, readying it for a fresh start in morning.

Part 2 comes in at approximately 15 minutes. If I need to attend to something else at this point, I do. If not, next up: exercise and stretch.

Do you have a strong morning routine? Do you need a flexible routine? Do you have a favorite app for meditation or daily planning?  

I hope all of your days get off to a fresh start ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

12 thoughts on “My 24-Minute Morning Routine which includes meditation and focused planning. [Part 2 of 3]

    • LOL! I say, splurge! I mean really go for it…like take a shower or eat chocolate or something 😀 (I needed to divide my routine into 3 parts to make room in between for waking and yelling at kids!)


  1. I let Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle out back for her time. I go to the little room for one minute of me time, feed Ellie B, pour my coffee into my cup the size of my head from the pot set off to brew by timer, eat my banana for breakfast, let Ellie B back in to eat her breakfast, and immediately start working on promoting my blog on my social media sites. I continue my blog work for two hours because those are two very sharp mental hours for me, Angie McFly. Then I get into the shower for another 15 minutes of me time. 🙂 Then off to my writing work again.

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    • My puppers, Freedom, is such a patient guy who waits for me to finish up at the back of our house before I see him up front to scratch his belly 😀 I’m picturing your ginormous coffee mug and wonder if it has a motivational quote on it like, “Coffee makes all things possible!” Or maybe a funny cartoon 😀 And I’m not surprised at all to see you cracking the whip, bright and early, and hard. Bam!


  2. angie mac- I really like what you do with the mirror!! and actually, I was looking for a different post of yours that had the morning routine and your little notecard – because I wanted to come back and let you know that I was thinking of it a few times this week. I go through different seasons of morning routines – depending on what’s going on and all that – and so as the summer season is approaching us – I am thinking terms of the summer schedule and your little notecards got me thinking. 🙂 – but instead of notecards – I am printing out out a calendar for the next four months – – to log what I do and to set up the daily goals – which includes my latest morning routine – so I wanted to let you know how your other post kind of stayed with me – and then gave me the idea (so thanks – and its a bit cheesy – but did want you to know)

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      • well thanks for the link – and so honored to have inspired you for photos – and I know you know this already – but I really want to say it again and again to folks – but remember to not compare with others and as you explore with your lens – find your niche and then go with it. This could take time – and your niche might change, but in my humble opinion, the best photographers I enjoy are the ones that have their authentic voice showing in what they choose to capture – and how they capture it. also – I love when bloggers give us the story behind a shot – or even just a few thoughts. well not always – but sometimes that just really keeps me coming back – and there are so many photo blogs – even though I am sure you will still keep your variety of a blog (am I right?)

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      • Oh yes, I’ll keep being me, variety and all, just with better pictures. I’ve never considered taking good photos as something of interest to me but my 16 year old son is into iPhone photographer and instagram. I think I’ll have fun trying something new and seeing myself in a different light. Thanks for the tips on what you enjoy related to blog photos.

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