Move over evergreen tree. Make room for kale. #food #fitness #holidays

Kale is the bitter fibrous green that health experts and fitness fans tell us to eat.  But we’re pretty sure the experts and fans left their taste buds at the door to enter the house of grim health foods.  Well, not me.

The trick to integrating kale into our regular eats is to find a way or two to actually enjoy it.  Here are a few suggestions to help get you started.

Sauteed Kale by Bobby Flay is the best way I’ve found to date, to make kale shine.  The heat of cooking and the splash of vinegar help to break down the bitterness and fiber to make it more palatable.

Trader Joe’s Seasoned Kale Chips are oddly yummy and addictive.  And pricey.  Once I realized I couldn’t afford my addiction, I went searching and found…

Mock Trader Joe’s Kale Chips recipe  which I now make in my Food Dehydrator that, yes, I recently bought just to make kale chips.

During the cold months, I add kale to soup, any soup.  Make soup from scratch or add it to prepared soup.  Consider microwaving the kale before adding it to prepared/canned soup in order to give the kale a chance to cook without overcooking the soup.

When the temperatures start to rise here in Arizona, which will be all too soon, I’ll switch to integrating kale into salads.  How to make a better kale salad  is a photo-stuffed tutorial which also includes all the basics about how to prep kale.  (This link is from Buzzfeed so please disregard the raunchy photos that will likely be on the sidebar. Sorry.)  I may figure out how to make a kale salad with dried cranberries for Christmas. Doesn’t that sound pretty?

For the Italian food lovers and home chefs at heart, check out Jovina’s blog post, Cooking with Italian Greens.  YUM!

Do you eat kale?  Do you eat leafy greens?  OK, do you enjoy vegetables?  Ever? 😉

There is a way to eat kale that is just right for you.  Go find it! 😀  ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc 

11 thoughts on “Move over evergreen tree. Make room for kale. #food #fitness #holidays

  1. Thanks Angie for the link. I agree with all your ideas for making kale taste good. A few years back I tried an old Italian technique for combining (just olive oil and garlic; no milk) mashed potatoes with spinach or swiss chard. I thought why not kale. I did and the kids loved it. Not sure if they liked the fact that the kale was mellowed by the potatoes

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    • Mellow. That’s a great word for what is needed with kale. I see no honor in chomping on a raw leaf of kale when it can be finessed into something lovely 🙂 Mashed potatoes and greens, perfect! (Always my privilege to link my blog to yours ❤)


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