Introducing Arizona Performance Psychology: Use Your Head. Make It Happen.

Arizona Performance Psychology is on a mission to provide proven performance and life enhancement for athletes, families, public and business leaders.

AZPP is our newly minted family business and for those who follow Family Love Does More, you’ll recognize Our Team. My husband, Dave, is the clinical psychologist at the helm.

I’ve been deployed to Indonesia, New Orleans, Newtown, CT, to bring relief to disaster-struck communities, I’ve implemented national programs to assist under-served populations, and I am an athlete and father of athletes. I personally understand what it takes to perform at the highest level and want to take you there.

Dave and I are partnering to put our vision into action. We want to live in a world where performers are ready to win and be recognized for personal excellence, strengthened through courage and resilience, supported by positive relationships, and encouraged to enjoy the ride.

This vision encapsulates what we have learned and earned personally and professionally over the past twenty-eight years together. While life is difficult, each struggle prepares us for the next victory, however great or small. While we don’t control everything that affects our life, we control more than we may think and we can be great through personal excellence in every moment. While life is demanding and can pummel us time and time again, we can be brave; we must be brave! Our ability to have a thick skin, a big heart, and to bounce back determines in large part our perception about the quality of our life. While reaching high goals is exhilarating, these feelings are fleeting if we can’t enjoy the process of give-and-take with the people we love.

A natural extension of my passion for family life, as a Performance Consultant I specialize in helping parents thrive as they support their children from birth through academics, athletics and leaving the nest. I also coach women, ages 13 through midlife and beyond, to reach their personal and professional goals through proven mental strategies, time management and organizational skills, and earned confidence.

Our daughter, Devin, shares her writing, design, and social media talent to help us spread our mission. Her blog, D.K. Pope, displays her passion for the written word, elegant design, and family life. Devin and I want to make AZPP a great place to be online for excellent information, support, encouragement, and networking. We’re glad to connect!

What topics would you like to see covered on a performance psychology blog? Do you have a peak performance goal? How do you build mental toughness?

Please follow Arizona Performance Psychology: Use your head. Make it happen.

Thank you! ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc



35 thoughts on “Introducing Arizona Performance Psychology: Use Your Head. Make It Happen.

    • Thanks so much, Carrie! I appreciate your entrepreneurial spirit and look forward to supporting each other as we strive for goals and integrate social media in the process. We’ll never be bored 😀


    • Oh I’m so glad, John, thank you! We’re starting with baseball players and are excited to work with them and their families. We like to see it as giving to the game we love, too.

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      • We do have quite a diverse package here (which also explains why there is head-butting too). We’ll get the boys on board too. Their insights from the ground level of youth sports is so valuable. Happy Friday, Van 🎉

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      • A true family affair..fabulous. My sister in law is a rocket scientist (really). She started her own consulting firm to NASA years ago, brought her husband, a physicist, into partnership. Now, their 2 children have MS in engineering.I laughed and told her they were raising their own employees ! ☺

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      • It has kept them busy/crazy over the years. They hope to retire the business soon, looking for new blood to take over their contracts. (Their kids want to diversify). NASA is in a bit of trouble lately.

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    • Thanks so much for the encouragement, Jenny! Full plate is the only way we know 😱 It works for us most of the time, lol. And just love your profile pic! Perfect 👍 Happy Friday 🎉

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    • Thank you so much, Michelle. I agree that our plate is full and hopefully we’ll get efficient and effective soon. The newbie part of the learning curve surely takes patience, not my strong suit 😀

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    • Belated thank you for this reply, Michelle! You are so right about weaknesses becoming our strengths when life is difficult. When we’ve made it through one rough time, we’re likely to see ourselves as being able to make it through the next, and the next, and the next! Especially when we are loved and supported through the hard times.

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  1. This is a great venture, Angie, and sure to be an adventure as well. Sports psychology fascinates me. Creative visualization and self-talk to get through tough challenges in particular … For instance, in your favorite sport: Steve Blass, Chuck Knoblauch, Steve Sax and others — why they couldn’t overcome their inability to perform a task so basic to their sport, an action they carried out tens of thousands of times, that is, throwing a baseball accurately 60 feet or less. I guess in golf it’s “the yips.” I’d love to read something about that. Jim

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