4th of July #1 Hits. Music on which a family can agree. #Summer

Check out this list of #1 Hits on 4th of July that begins with the 1961 hit, Tossin’ and Turnin’ by Bobby Lewis and sings through the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s to last year’s Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke.  I’m putting together a Spotify list as I type and am currently at 1975 Love Will Keep Us Together by Captain and Tennille.  This song brings me back to happy-go-lucky summer days as a kid.  I can smell hamburgers grilling, feel the cool water sprayed from a hose, and see the fireworks sparkling oh so clearly.

What are you favorite 4th of July memories, American friends?  All friends, what are your favorite summer memories from your youth?

Happy 4th of July! Happy summer ❤  ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc 

16 thoughts on “4th of July #1 Hits. Music on which a family can agree. #Summer

  1. Thanks for the 4th of July #1s. Favorite memories, going to the park with family and friends, grilling, playing softball. Also, visiting my aunt in Ohio and going to see the fireworks. Happy 4th and happy weekend.
    Syl : )


  2. Here’s a good one for you, Angie Mc. Summer off between sophomore and junior years of college, hanging out with my high school buddy and a couple friends of his visiting from his college, we all went to Long Island Jones Beach, cooler full of beer for the Fourth. My pal’s college friend looks like Bruce Springsteen, so the girls think, anyway, Soon our blanket is full of young people hoping it’s the Boss, drinking beer, listening to our boom box, singing, dancing having almost-20 party fun.

    No, I did not think the guy looked like Bruce, but for that holiday, who cared?


    • Love, love, love this story! It sounds VERY familiar 🙂 Too funny about the friend who looked like Bruce – what a magnet and, yep, no one cared about much of anything as long as all were having a good time. Sweet ❤


  3. Thank you, Angie, for the song. I played it, and two of my teens hadn’t heard it before. Of course I had—sure brought back the good old 8-track days… My favorite summer memory from youth is reading a good book in the sunshine. I repeat it every summer (not with the same book).

    Blessings on your holiday weekend ~ Wendy ❀


    • Mark, I missed you, too! Wow, it is lovely to be missed 🙂 All is well here and I’m excited to be back to blogging with a new template. I look forward to catching up soon. How are you and yours? I send my best!


      • Your new template is THE BOMB, my friend. I hope you had a restful break from this hectic WordPress world. We are well over this way. I am in week five of my new job, which is very different, very busy, and something I needed to get back into after 17 months of being laid off and piecing together all the freelance work. And, I’ve kept all that and moved those duties to nights and weekends, so … Blog writing continues, but different times for the research and such. My dear wife Karen and great daughter Elisabeth are well. Feel free to email me to catch up if you’d like. I’m glad to see you back, very glad, my friend.


      • Congratulations on your new work! Amazing that you can keep up with your blogging and freelance work, too – my hero! Thanks for the email invite. I may pick your brain about how to organize your time to write AND fulfill all other responsibilities 🙂 Hi to Karen and Elisabeth. It is good of them to share you with us all on WordPress ❤


    • Jill, thank you so very much for noticing my absence and my template change! Wow, you made my day! Thankfully all is well. How are you and yours? Summer heat and family routines are wild here 🙂


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