Family Answers Fast is now Family Life Is More. #Blog #SocialMedia

Aiden championship pitcherTime flies when you’re changing blog templates and sending your son off to college!

I started this blog on a whim and called it Family Answers Fast because I thought there was a want, if not a need, for short answers to questions about family matters.  While I still keep my posts short for a quick read, I found myself growing less interested in sharing answers that have worked for my family and more interested in inspiring others to find their own answers with my encouragement.  I had never intended for it to appear as if I have “all the answers.”  I have more questions than I can articulate!  But I do believe in the innate strength of families and that family life can be so much more wonderful when supported with good information and encouragement.

As for my new blog template, Collections, I hope it will allow me to be less writing intensive and more flexible with sharing good information in a variety of formats.  Check it out, share constructive feedback, and thanks for giving me time to reorganize past posts and add new ones.

Near to my heart, my son, Aiden, caught a pitching gig at a college 2.5 hours from home.  I couldn’t be more grateful, proud, and broken-hearted.  Wow, do I love this kid and will miss having him home.

Love ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc  – also known as Mama Mac and McFly 🙂

9 thoughts on “Family Answers Fast is now Family Life Is More. #Blog #SocialMedia

  1. I am in LOVE with this new format, new outlook…very you. 🙂 I can’t imagine how bittersweet Aiden’s departure is… just a few months ago you guys were battling with that coach and now he’s off. ❤


  2. What a handsome, strapping young man! How do they tower over mom so fast? Mine overtook me this year, too.

    Congratulations on sending him off to college – how exciting and scary! At least he won’t be too terribly far from home. 🙂

    The new project sounds like a worthwhile endeavor! I can’t imagine what families go through when one pursues sports as a career, so someone to help guide them like you and your husband want to do seems like an awesome task. I’ll be rooting for you! *hugs*


    • Thanks, always, for your encouragement, Ness! And I send my condolences that you are now being looked down upon by your youngin’ (literally, not figuratively, of course!)

      My wifi is down…goodness, I feel like I get one piece of my online time puzzle together then another slips! Soon, I hope to be back to chatting up a storm. Consider yourself warned 🙂

      My best to you and yours ❤


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