When stomach upset hits, nourishing liquids and foods along with movies and rest save the day.

Siggie asks, “Yeah dad, how much worse can it get?” We’re watching What About Bob as we wait out a stomach bug that has gone through half of the family. Hopefully, it won’t get much worse 😀

To refresh a weary memory, here are The Best Foods To Eat After Throwing Up and The Best and Worst Foods To Eat While Sick. To summarize: eat banana, whole grain toast, soup, and ginger.

What do you eat or drink when you are unwell? Do you or your family members watch TV or certain movies while healing?  

That’s it for today, folks! Stay well ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc


40 thoughts on “When stomach upset hits, nourishing liquids and foods along with movies and rest save the day.

  1. Oh, no, Angie…those little buggers survived the winter ?? I haven’t heard of them for a few months now. So sorry. They used to prescribe Coke syrup for upset stomach, I worked as a teen at a drug store that dispensed it in small bottles. I don’t get stomach issues often…but when I do, I head for Coca Cola, or ginger ale…an old standby. Be well…take it slow ! 😁

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  2. We steer clear of ingesting anything during throw up phase and 24 hours aftee, or when we feel hungry, thats whenyou know you are in the clear. I know people say to push this or that, but we tend to wait until the gut heals a bit, before we keep irritating it and asking it to work when it’s not well. Then start slow and bland…with whatever we feel tastes good. My DH is a greasy food healer, while I’m a salty chip and cracker gal myself. Hope the worst is over, and its all over soon!

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