April Roll Call: Who’s your favorite fool? #fun

April 1st is the perfect time to say hello and send my best hopes that you prank more than you are pranked today 😀  A warm welcome to new followers ❤ . To all, thanks a bunch for reading, your follow, likes, and comments!  I never take you or your valuable time for granted. I would also love a comment anytime from you about what’s on you mind, how you’re feeling, or what you’re doing this month.

Who’s your favorite fool is quite the loaded question! So for those of you who immediately thought of politicians, relatives, or reality TV stars, let me direct you to fools who are much more fun. Who are your favorite comedians or funny people in your daily life whose intention it is to make you laugh? Are you funny? Do you enjoy making others laugh?

I adore people who can make me laugh. I come from a long line of funny folks. In that vein, my brother, Dean, is my all time favorite funny guy. Imagine me, his older (somewhat uptight) sister cheering him on (secretly) from the sidelines of his shenanigans. I still do, but I’m less uptight now and there is no secret about my love for him and his humor. More cowbell? Chuck Berry dives into the pool? His disdain for sweet potatoes? I’ll stop there 😀

Steve Martin is the first I remember identifying as a stand-up comedian, which was at the time a new concept to me. My dad had watched him on some late, late, late, late show and raved about him the next morning while doing his best to impersonate him. So our family became Steve Martin stalker before I knew that stalking was word. I’ve continued to enjoy his work, to include his acting, writing, and music to this day. He’s no fool but oh is he funny!

I look forward to hearing more from you and have an Awesome April…no fooling ❤ ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc


This roll call is my effort to find, keep, and introduce bloggers by providing a doable, encouraging, and engaging blog environment. To meet bloggers I appreciate, check out Angie Mc’s Reblog Love  and previous Roll Calls:  How do you celebrate your heritage? , What’s your favorite romance movie? ,  How do you recover from the holidays? , What is your relationship to snow? , What’s your favorite color? . Feel free to join any and all of the Roll Call conversations. Thank you!

24 thoughts on “April Roll Call: Who’s your favorite fool? #fun

  1. I remember when I used to actually buy albums from stand-up comics, Angie McFly. George Carlin, oh, yes, he was a funny guy with the seven words you couldn’t say on TV. Nowadays I’m pretty sure they say four of them on network, even. Cable, all hell breaks loose. Bill Cosby, funny always, and watch those Fat Albert Saturday cartoons on TV, too. I won’t get into the ugly and awful mess he’s fallen into now. Cheech and Chong, funny stoners, high school and college favorites to make fun of and with even before those movies came out. TV variety shows when I was a kid featured Flip Wilson and his dame Geraldine. How about Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-in, Sock it To Me! Funny was everywhere for our generation, wasn’t it, Angie McFly? Happy April First to you, my friend.

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    • What a list, Mark! Hey, hey, hey, Bill Cosby “Himself” still stands at the top of the hilarious list, especially because I remember watching it in college with funny friends who made it even funnier 😀 Flip Wilson and “The Church of What’s Happening Now” 😀 This is funny, my mother wouldn’t let us kids watch Laugh In, not sure why the line was drawn there, lol. Happy April to you too, Mark, and may there be no more snow until winter in Syracuse 😀


      • Wet big flakes forecast for Friday, Angie McFly, but not supposed to stick. MDW Karen and I are flying down to D.C. for a quick getaway that day, to see Neil Diamond on Saturday night and take in the cherry blossoms and visit some friends and take in the D.C. sites. I hope its warm and the blossoms are actually out!

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      • How perfect, Mark. I would love to see Neil Diamond and DC. Neil’s longevity is *a*ma*zing*. I’m sending AZ sunshine to DC just for you and Karen. Tell Neil that I said hi and that good times never seemed so good…so good, so good, so good!


  2. My father was a major authority figure in our lives growing up – Army sergeant with all that Great Santini stuff. So when behind his back my brothers would do silent Three Stooges routines including almost bonking him on the head, we would just die laughing. I’m laughing right now remembering the bravery of it all. My father would catch on of course and then the boys would hightail it doing that “whoop, whoop, whoop” sound. Then even my father would laugh. And George Carlin and early Richard Pryor.

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    • Oh, john, my father was a big fan of English comedians including John Cleese (Monty Python) and Benny Hill so some of his appreciation rubbed off on me…Benny Hill not so much 😉

      Thank you for liking my post, for stopping by, and for your wonderful wishes. Every happiness back to you!

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  3. I love seeing stand ups on Johnny Carson, they only had a few minutes but they were great. Some of my favorites over the years, Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Steven Wright, Dennis Miller, just a few. I loved watching Benny Hill, Monty Python, and Dave Allen, Sunday nights on PBS. Where would life be without stand up comedy or comedians in general. Thanks Angie ❤

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    • Steven Wright?! Oh yes, Sylvester! Deadpan to the extreme and college cult classic. I passed him on to my daughter when she went to college and she spread the word to her friends 😀 Yes to all of the comedians you listed above and yes, we need humor in this often weary world. Thank you, always!

      Oh my, I feel a YouTube standup comedy fest in my near future LOL.

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  4. Comedians! Oh how I love comedians! Number 1 on my “list of dream guy traits” was “makes me laugh.” My husband makes me laugh the most, followed closely by my kids, but when I was a girl, I’d stay up late to watch Johnny and I had the biggest crush on him. I was certain he’d stay the same age until I could catch up, lol. Bill Cosby, Steve Martin, Steven Wright, Louie Anderson, and who could forget The Carol Burnett Show and all the laughs that brought? Lately, I’ve been catching posts of Tim Hawkins, and he’s been making me laugh now, too. 🙂

    What a great post question, Angie! 😀

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    • Great list, Ness! My husband makes me laugh like no other. Most of the time he delivers his humor with a flat affect, leaving me laughing out loud and looking a little silly 😀

      Tim Hawkins is new to me. Thanks, I’ll check him out!

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