The 24-Minute Morning Routine That Rocks. #time #fitness

The 24-Minute Morning Routine is making the rounds for good reason. It works. Entrepreneur assured me that I would become a rock star and Time encouraged me to rock my day. And so I have, sans metal hair.

Here are the steps:

1. Brush your teeth (2 minutes)
2. Drink water (1 minute)
3. Meditate (7 minutes)
4. Focus (5 minutes)
5. Exercise (7 minutes)
6. Stretch (2 minutes)

You may be thinking, “Um, that’s sort of what I do already” or “I’ve heard this stuff so many times, whatever” or “Ha, you should see my life and you would understand why I don’t have a morning routine!” I do understand. I’ve had endless morning routines and non-routines yet, I’m happily surprised by the results of this one. Over the past two months I’ve reaped many benefit and know that it can be customized to fit well into most people’s lives.

Why does it work? Because of the sequence, tight time limits, and content. In upcoming posts, I’ll share more on this, about how I’ve customized my morning routine, and ways I’ve used it in flexible manner in the hopes that you’ll check it out and benefit as well.

You do want to be a rock star, right?

Do you love your morning routine? Why or why not? Are you willing to try a new morning routine?

Hope your day rocks ๐Ÿ˜€ ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

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