Creative Easter eggs and the science behind dying them perfectly. #video

Enjoy The Science Behind A Perfectly Died Egg and check out 20 creative ways to decorate them.

Do you dye Easter eggs? What do you do with them after they are dyed? Feel free to share your memories and links to related posts here. 

All my best ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc 

8 thoughts on “Creative Easter eggs and the science behind dying them perfectly. #video

  1. Hey angie mac – cool video w the science – and good to know a ph4 is ideal – ha!
    – and when the kids were younger we used to try and dye some eggs each year – they would decorate the eggs with a wax crayon and then we would dip them and the deign would show. on year we had the store bought “appliqués” to put on eggs – and that was nice for motor skills and art.
    Then we stopped for a few years straight – older kids and all that.
    however, because I now love to eat eggs more than ever in my life (as most know…. eggs are such a rich source of protein and also feed the brain) – so this year I am going to quickly dye 2 dozen to have in a basket in the afternoon. For snacking on… and the rest will go in the refrigerator for later. I find that if the hard bolded eggs are sitting there – well everyone usually just takes them…

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    • Great ideas here, Yvette! Thanks so much for sharing. The way we do eggs each year is flexible and changes, which is nice. This year, we’ll do the basics because yesterday and today have been filled with extra baseball. There have been years when we’ve decorated the eggs *after* Easter. I’m pretty psyched to have the science to back us up this year and believe it or not, I happen to own some ph strips so I get to feel prepared 😀 Happy Easter to you and yours ❤

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      • ha – that is cool to have the ph strips – and I like the idea of “after” easter as well..
        also, did you say baseball season? – whew – I know the hours you invest in that so tip of the hat to ya! 🙂

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      • Little League, high school, and college baseball. I couldn’t be happier 😀 Plus, my Arizona Diamondbacks home opener is on Monday. I’ll be blogging more about baseball soon. I’ll try not to overdo!

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