Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul. ~ Augustine


a beautiful soul

grows within me.

Two souls close.

Then birth

of a daughter

transforms woman

into mother.


brief at first

turn long,

breaking hearts.

Souls grow

closer still.

Love endures,


Creative and hard-working blogging friends, for over a year you have inspired me with your words. My first poem ever, Love in Ten Lines, came about because of your influence being felt in my heart! Thank you.

In return, I hope that I can encourage you to enjoy your family a bit more, thrive in midlife when you feel dismissed, tackle social media when you feel lost (on Twitter for example), and get things done when you feel overwhelmed.

A special thank you to my daughter, Devin at D.K. Pope (Everything I’m Doing) who inspired this poem and was the first to encourage me to blog, as well as my first poet friend, Sylvester at SYL65’s BLOG (The Magic of Joy) and my first journalism friend, Mark at Mark Bialczak (Free Advice) who have inspired me to write more and to write freely.

Beautiful Sunday to all ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

35 thoughts on “Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul. ~ Augustine

  1. You composed a true beauty, here and with the subject of this wonderful love poem, too, Angie McFly. To your daughter and you, my friend, may you have the best May Sunday. And thank you for the link and kind words here.

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  2. Very beautiful poem, Angie. The flow of inspired creativity between mother and daughter. Thank you for definitely inspiring me and for always keeping my tastebuds hopping. You are truly appreciated dear friend!

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