Filled with joy and mimosas. Cheers! #Easter #Lifestyle

It’s all about the candy. Just ask my son, JP. An abundance of sweetness to counter the often bitter, jaded world.

Because there isn’t a wrong way to fill an Easter basket, I offer the following tips as an example of my little life details that bring me happiness.

Step 1: Place cheap plastic grass in hand-me-down basket.
Step 2: Add large vertical items, such as boxed movie candy.
Step 3: Add medium-sized, individually wrapped items.
Step 4: Fill plastic eggs with bagged bulk items such as jelly beans and gummy bears. Place eggs in basket.
Step 5: Top with small, individually wrapped candy such as mini peanut butter cups and bubble gum.
Step 5: Surround basket with largest items such as beach towels, DVDs, and boxes of peeps!

For the adults putting together sweet baskets, enjoy mimosas.

And to repeat myself, good friends from all walks of life, know that I carry you and all you hold dear, close to my heart. It is through loving kindness that we are united.

What’s your favorite candy?

Cheers! ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

14 thoughts on “Filled with joy and mimosas. Cheers! #Easter #Lifestyle

  1. Not specifically an Easter candy, but I am partial to Whatchamacalits (I have not friggen clue how it is “properly” spelled) and Peanut M&Ms.

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    • Yes you do…now! When the children were young their baskets were much more earnest, lol. As they grew and had more to say, well, they said *candy*! And not home-made candy 😀 Plus, this year my 2 oldest were away so I over-purchase a wee bit, much to the joy of the two remaining!

      Each year, the baskets are different. I like that ❤

      I'm picturing your baskets as gorgeous! What I lack in craft, I make up for in candy 😀


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