Friday is good. #Peace #Relationships #Easter

Last night I sat next to my husband and sons in church. There was no service being held. All was gentle and still, the space filled with peace.

Before going to church I had the privilege of chatting with friends at writerinsoul. The blend of wisdom, courtesy and kindness shared there, as it related to childhood hurts, moved me. Peace comes when people join together freely, respectfully, and in trust.

I need peace. Like most of us, my days can race like the blur of a speeding train. Sometimes the train wrecks. All people struggle and suffer. We’re hypocrites and sometimes we’re mean. My focus on what is good, in life and this blog, is never intended to minimize or deny the bad.

Today, Good Friday, I ponder the bad, put (most) of my joking aside, and allow myself to just be. Serious. Contemplative. Kind. It’s a day that feels like a giant exhale. Release. Relief.

The three days before Easter are my favorite to go to church. I count on this special time to re-orient myself to who I need to be, how I need to love, and what perseverance of conscience and action can be.

And I count on these three days to be unusually peaceful. I don’t know why they are, exactly, but part of my peace is found in the act of allowing myself, for three days out of the year, to not worry about why. I simply say yes, please.

Good friends from all walks of life, know that I carry you and all you hold dear, close to my heart. It is through loving kindness that we are united. Thank you for your every gesture that has challenged, helped, and encouraged me to embrace this thing called life. I truly couldn’t ask for more.

What are your thoughts on personal peace? Family, friend, and neighborly peace? 

Peace be with you. ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc 

Photo of Peace Lily courtesy of HGTV.

11 thoughts on “Friday is good. #Peace #Relationships #Easter

  1. That was a special, sincere dialog that you referenced. I was proud to be a witness to it. It is evidence of the kind of rewards that a simple blog can bring into one’s life. Thanks for your heartfelt remarks, Diana. Van

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  2. I was planning to go to church during our meditation hours this week, but have been struck with the worst stomach virus ever. . .going on day 3! I think it’s kind of apropos to be physically suffering right before Easter though, right? Maybe this too can become a kind of meditative prayer?

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    • Oh I’m so sorry you are sick! UGH! You are right about physical suffering and prayer, for sure. Feel better soon, Heather ❤ And a beautiful Easter to you and yours.


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