February Roll Call: What’s your favorite romance movie? #fun

The start of February is a fine time to say hello and send love your way. A warm welcome to new followers 🙂  To all, thanks a bunch for reading, your follow, likes, and comments!  I never take you or your valuable time for granted. I would also love a comment from you about what’s on you mind, how you’re feeling, or what you’re doing this fine month of love.

Image: FILE PHOTO: 70 Years Since The Casablanca World Premiere Casablanca

Our family watches a lot of movies, mainly action, sports, and comedies. But this month I’ll sneak in a few love stories and my men will kindly join me.

What is your favorite romance movie? Do you prefer serious love stories or a romantic comedy? Will you watch a romantic movie connected to Valentine’s Day?

I look forward to watching “Casablanca”, sacrificial love at it’s most glamorous. And I hope your February is off to a fantastic start ❤  ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

This roll call is my effort to find, keep, and introduce bloggers by providing a doable, encouraging, and engaging blog environment. To meet bloggers I appreciate, check out Angie Mc’s Reblog Love  and previous Roll Calls: January 2015December 2014, November 2014 . Thank you!

37 thoughts on “February Roll Call: What’s your favorite romance movie? #fun

  1. “The Terminator” – the way Kyle Reese and Sarah Conner loved each other? How can you top that? Also sacrificial love, yes? 😉

    Mmm…or maybe it was “Cloverfield” – the way the protagonist and the love of his life were separated, but he fought through every obstacle to reach her. Sigh-worthy, don’tcha think?

    I’ve never really thought about this, Angie. Great question. I’ll give it some thought and come back. 😉

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  2. “Meet John Doe” Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck. Not a traditional romantic movie, but great chemistry between Cooper and Stanwyck. Beside, Gary Cooper is my main man. Thanks Angie 🙂


  3. Hmm. Well, the Beloved and I don’t really watch romance movies, or comedies either, so especially not romantic comedies, lol.

    Personally, and this is going to sound really sappy, but I mean it sincerely, the best romance is the one where we met and fell in love, and no movie could top that. 🙂

    So, action movies, suspense, lots of kids movies, and some horror (he is a horror writer after all!) and maybe some sci-fi. Love stories? Bolt was pretty epic. 😀

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  4. Oooooh, romance…. Out of Africa, Gone With the Wind, Bull Durham, The Philadelphia Story, The Bridges of Madison County, The Piano, Witness, The Prince of Tides, Dirty Dancing, Rumor Has It. I’m sure I’m forgetting older, b&w films…. Serious love stories are my favorite style. I like *grown-up* movies. (I just saw Besieged On DVD; it was my kind of romance but it’s stylized and not for all tastes.)

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    • Ben-Hur, love it! We watch it during Lent or Easter every year. Although I must admit that my boys find the love scenes and interruption of the battle scenes 😀 Time to find the DVD!


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