Commercials, credibility, and how to #help children identify lies. #Family #Character

Here in Phoenix, we’re abuzz with Super Bowl community spirit and great anticipation of athletic excellence.  While our family loves to whoop at a go-ahead touchdown or home run as we enjoy life through televised sports of all kinds, there are downsides.  My number one?  Pharmaceutical advertising.

Pharmaceutical advertising is like someone purposely spitting in your face, a surprising and gross affront.  Outdoor bathtubs?  Hocus-pocus.

But not on my turf.  So we teach our children a few things about…

Credibility: Who has it and who doesn’t?  We ask them, “Who is in the best position to recommend medication to you? A company that is far away from you, will benefit from taking your money, and will pay no consequence if any of these negative side effects happen? Or your doctor who is looking at you, has a relationship with you, and is held accountable for your care?”

Personal responsibility. We tell them that no other kid and certainly no advertiser sways you. You are responsible for who you listen to and what you watch. It is up to you to choose wisely and be willing to ask for help if you feel pulled into something bad.

Turn the channel or mute the manipulation.  Do it. Take a break. Go outside and toss a ball.  Get a snack. Go clean something (the least popular option).

Tomorrow I’ll enjoy the Super Bowl on television with my loved ones. Hopefully the commercials will be as excellent as the athletics.  If not, there will be plenty of beer, guacamole, and good cheer to enjoy instead.

How affected are you by televised commercials? Will you watch the Super Bowl? What is your least or favorite commercial? 

This topic was inspired by blogging doctor, Victo Dolore at Behind The White Coat and Colette at WriterInSoul .  Thank you.

 I hope your February gets off to a fantastic start! ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

21 thoughts on “Commercials, credibility, and how to #help children identify lies. #Family #Character

    • Excellent point, Clifford, and thanks for sharing.

      Families need to use all of their discerning capabilities to sift through what food and fitness plans are life-giving! To think clearly, as you noted, it helps to fuel the brain with wholesome and nourishing foods.

      Don’t get me started on Jack in the Box commercials 😀

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  1. The Super Bowl…it’s the one day we don’t mute the commercials. (except for the much hated Rx ones) Sometimes, it’s worth the watch, sometimes, it interrupts the over-hyped sporting event…we’ll see what develops. ☺

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  2. Great advice, Angie. It’s so hard for all of us, not just kids, to not fall prey to advertisers claims. Although the Big Pharma stuff that impacts health probably has the greatest consequence.

    I have to say, I don’t miss commercials at all since we gave up cable service. (and a lot of other things too I thought I’d miss but don’t)

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    • Hugs to you, Ness! For many years our family lived rural-remote and had no access to TV. Those are now referred to as “The Glory Days” 😀

      With the kids growing older and living in a metro area now, we just do our best to manage the monster called media. I’m grateful for remotes, mute buttons, recording, DVDs, and streaming!

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