Sam Smith and music on which a family can agree. #Relationships

During another family conversation about popular music, I asked, “Who stood out in 2014?” Sam Smith came out victorious. His songs were described as emotional, simple elegance, and soulful. His voice was described as rich, dreamy, and classic. I hope Mr. Smith finds this a positive omen for his pending 2015 People’s Choice and Grammy nominations.

I have loved you for many years
Maybe I am just not enough
You’ve made me realize my deepest fear
By lying and tearing us up

Smith’s voice perfectly captures the pain associated with lies and broken trust. We can hear the suffering and know the utter despair of not being enough.

I’d like to believe that the characters trapped in the tragic I’m Not The Only One will find a way back to truth and love, that they will make amends and keep their promise. As for me, I’ll let Smith’s voice melt my heart and I’ll tell my husband and kids that they’re more than enough.

Do you enjoy music? Do you listen to old favorites or new songs?  Do you listen to music with family or friends?  What do you think about Sam Smith?

If someone hasn’t told you lately, you are enough ❤ ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

13 thoughts on “Sam Smith and music on which a family can agree. #Relationships

      • I have so many my current song that i’m in love with. My new one is Lego House by Ed Sheeran. I reminds me of loving, trusting and being vulnerable to both. It also reminds me of when i use to dance and everytime i hear this song i can picture the dance i would do to this song. It leaves me breathless. He is a great artist i love all of his songs.
        I also love Give me love by Ed and thinking out loud i really love the dance they do in the video. It would make the perfect first dance.
        He pulls so much emotion out of you just like Sam Smith

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      • Excellent musical taste, Ayo 😀 You will not be surprised that coming in second to Sam Smith in our family poll was Ed Sheeran. While technically he isn’t new, he is relatively new and he is doing an amazing job. One of the next songs I blog about will be “Thinking Out Loud”. Swooooooon ~~~~~~~

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      • Really? Nice yes i love them both and please do i will read it i was thinking about doing something lile that but i love so many diffrwnt types of music that i just made a My Replay of the week month and my last one was replays of 2014 i love music.

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