January Roll Call: How do you recover from the holidays? #Fun

Too much winter holidays? Like crying Sister Bear in the Berenstain Bears’, Too Much Birthday, too much holidays can leave me and my family tired, cranky, and sullen.

too much birthday

How do you recover from the hustle and bustle of the winter holidays?

What do you do to prevent holiday burnout?

How do you manage the post holiday blues?

How do you refill your tank?

This monthly roll call is my effort to find, keep, and introduce followers to each other by providing a doable, encouraging, and engaging blog environment. Check out the December Roll Call: What is your relationship to snow? Mine is minimal because I live in a part of Arizona where it rarely snows.

A warm welcome to new followers 🙂 To all, thanks a bunch for your follow, likes, and comments! I never take you or your valuable time for granted.

Wishing you a jolly and jubilant January ❤  ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc


21 thoughts on “January Roll Call: How do you recover from the holidays? #Fun

  1. Oddly, I haven’t felt particularly burned out by holidays the past several years. I suspect that’s because I’m still a newly-wed person and my love is a bundle of energy for the Christmas and New Year’s seasons and it’s hard to get burned out when there’s someone eager to find even the obscure Rankin/Bass specials and give them their time.

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  2. Prayer keeps me from burning out over the holidays. I made up my mind to not have a stress filled season and prayed about it and it worked! avoiding the post Christmas blues by keeping busy with projects at home and being active at church, travel, etc. so far so good.

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  3. With my family the “Winter” holidays begin in October. And this year I over did it in a very big way. From Halloween to Christmas we were gone every weekend, I did 3 holiday parties and did most of the cooking, I even shopped several times all while keeping up with a tight schedule. Burnout was inevitable. So now I’m in workaholic recovery. I set aside my blogging, dropped a couple classes and gave some of my work to my girls. Much to my families dismay I’m taking two days off from them, or so I thought. After 24 hours they were already bugging me. My word for the year BALANCE. Not only to find some but to prevent becoming out of balance. My kids word for the years should be BOUNDARIES.

    I don’t really deal with post holiday blues anymore. Perhaps I just don’t have time. I just have so much to be thankful for: my business, my girls, Kai, teaching, school and a home. I do remember feeling that sadness for years, especially missing my mom. My “jubilee journey” healed that loss and restored my father’s family to me. I’m grateful to God for all I have because all is from him.

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    • Ana, I can’t express enough how privileged I feel that you shared such heart-felt, hard-earned truth! You wrote, “So now I’m in workaholic recovery.” I hear ya! So much so that a friend and I got together and proclaimed that we are never doing the holidays the same way again. Like you, we’re work horses and we’re willing to work BUT we need to take care of ourselves and be smart about it. For example, we discussed sharing some cooking, making double batches of food to share with each other. If you lived near by I would SO want you in on this!

      Your Jubilee Journey is a joy and an inspiration! Thank you and I pray that 2015 brings you and yours (esp Kai!) every happiness ❤

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      • This “hard earned truth” isn’t my first experience. I go thru it about every 15-20 years. After the last time I was out of commission nine months. I’m usually good about watching the signs but I was feeling so good – then it hit, all of the sudden. But that didn’t stop me, I just had to get thru the holidays. I did, now time to reevaluate, which I’m too tired to think now, as Scarlet says “i’ll think about that tomorrow”.

        I love your ideas, esp sharing the cooking. That’s a big one for me. We could always ship meals “next day air” LOL. Sadly, I don’t have even one friend here in FL, I left them all in IN. Circumstances have left me basically homebound. I do pray for friends and I know one day I will have them. But for now I feel I have to do it alone. Urh, enough whining. I really do have a blessed life, friends or not 🙂

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  4. Almost always a stress burnout for the holidays, I welcome January. I recently wrote a post “Ode to January”.

    I often think about what a friend said to me years ago, while we were all complaining about the flurry of parties and kids activities, family visits and corporate entertaining, etc, etc. She said, “Imagine what it is like for those who no longer have these social obligations; how awful must it be when they all end and you celebrate alone.”

    I see this now all around me as friends enter the retirement years, adult children move away, and health issues invade our aging families.

    So..in spite of the perceived stress, try to relax and enjoy it all while you can. Like everything in life, it doesn’t last forever. ☺

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