Thinking Out Loud is music on which a family can agree and dancing is involved. [Video]

When I posted that Sam Smith was our family’s favorite new musician of 2014, I didn’t mention that Ed Sheeran came before him in 2013. I need to mention him now.

Not only do I love the lyrics to Thinking Out Loud, but I love this video which is rare for me. Ballroom dancing? Ed Sheeran ballroom dancing? Nice. What I like most is that when Thinking Out Loud plays at my home, my husband and I will stop everything and dance. (Simple old school dance.) We’re evergreen.

What music are you enjoying today? Do your family and friends enjoy music together? Do you dance at home?

Thinking out loud ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

20 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud is music on which a family can agree and dancing is involved. [Video]

  1. Thinking out loud, is on continuously right now so much that my boys said I have overplayed it. “Cause we found love right where we are….” and that “shut up and dance with me song….” I do love all genres of music, lately it’s been The Cure, and the boys and I have been enjoying a lot of Sinatra.

    My husband I love to dance at home in the kitchen, mostly to salsa, or banda (think Mexican polka) I’m also teaching the boys to dance, they are hesitant, but I’m confident their wives will thank me one day!

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    • Awwww and yes to all of the above! Especially the part about helping our young men to be comfortable dancing. Dave insists that the boys learn young because he didn’t like learning as a young adult. He tears up the rug now 😀 Here’s to more dancing in our near future!

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  2. I used to dance when I used to drink (or perhaps was having a seizure – it was kinda hard to tell). Now that I don’t drink any more….

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  3. Once I heard Ed Sheeran’s “Give Me Love” I was hooked. These days I’m listening to the worship band The Glorious Unseen. They have a really distinctive sound, which I love. I remember growing up and my family in the living room listening to 45s and everybody dancing. It was great! Thanks Angie ♥

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  4. Your words – young at heart – are exactly what I wanted to use on my blog for description of another video. The Ed’s one I found too heavy and obvious in a way, against the delicate structure and meaning of lyrics. The melody is powerful, evergreen and makes my body want to dance in a pair. I was once a ballet girl and I miss that time deep in my heart. Let me share the one I find gracious and afirmative, would call it Grace Saved 🙂

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    • Alicji, what a lovely way to meet you and your blog! Thank you for sharing this sweet video, Grace Saved (Cheskino & Jordyn Jones). Love it! And enjoy WYD 2016 in Kraków. Will you attend?


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