Help please! How do you make a vegetable tray to compete with holiday treats? #Happy #Thanksgiving #Food

How can a hunk of raw broccoli compete with roasted turkey, scrumptious stuffing, and velvety gravy? It can’t.  But since I’m bringing a vegetable tray to a big Thanksgiving day feast, I want to make that broccoli and all of her rainbow-colored relatives as attractive and delicious as possible.

Jovina, got me thinking about holiday appetizers and moving beyond the same-old-same-old Costco vegetable tray.  She wrote,

Don’t overlook the power of a good vegetable tray, especially served alongside a low-fat dip with great flavor. Here is a tip for giving the vegetables good taste – boil the vegetables for one minute in abundant salted water, drain, chill in ice water, drain and dry the vegetables. Chill in the refrigerator until serving time.

So, tell me do. What are your tips for making a great vegetable tray? What is your favorite vegetable and dip to eat from a vegetable tray?

Thank you in advance and have a terrific week! ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

18 thoughts on “Help please! How do you make a vegetable tray to compete with holiday treats? #Happy #Thanksgiving #Food

    • Oh my, my family and friends will flip out if I bring a tray in the shape of a TURKEY! Google searching right now 😀 Thanks, Jenn 🙂

      I had decided that since I want to master the veggie tray, I need to invest in a gorgeous tray at least!


  1. Yeah, pretty much anything will go with a good dill dip.

    But I feel like a mix of celery, carrots, and cauliflower/broccoli are the ways to go for basic vegetables — they’ll be a variety of textures and flavors and shapes for people to put stuff on — and some grapes and olives around that add that valuable “small spherical object” food for balance.

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  2. So for one thing I don’t eat raw broccoli. I know – strange. I made a dip today (for thurs) that’s so good and would be great with raw veggies. It’s a cheesy Hawaiian dip. My daughter suggested a spinach dip. How about a southwest ranch dip or bacon ranch dip.

    The cheesy Hawaiian dip is a hot dip, has red onion, diced toms & chili’s, pineapple and diced ham, served in a Hawaiian bread loaf.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving

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    • Wow, Ana, the Hawaiian dip sounds delish! I haven’t heard of that.

      I’m the same about raw broccoli. That’s why I was happy about the idea of blanching it, and some other veggies, first. Soften them up, brighten them up, and give them some salt. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

      Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours. Give Kai and extra hug from me 😀


      • Right?! I haven’t done it yet but got the idea from Jovina (linked in my post) so this is new to me too. I will serve it chilled, like a regular veggie tray. Bhat reminds me, in my google search for veggie trays, I saw one that used roasted veggies. I *love* roasted veggies. Making that is for another day of trial and error, lol 😀

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  3. When I make a Thanksgiving veggie tray, I fan them out on a large, round platter to look like a turkey’s tail, then set a bowl of dip in the middle bottom and add sliced red pepper and 2 black olives to make the turkey’s face. 😉 Happy Thanksgiving! 😀

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