December Roll Call: What is your relationship to snow? #fun

snow blogDecember already?  Why yes it is.  What are your plans for this busy, sometimes tumultuous, always challenging month?  It’s snowing at my blog, which is very happy making for this desert dwelling gal.  I grew up in NE Pennsylvania (more here) and have many fond, and not so fond, memories of snow.  Since moving to Arizona, each winter we attempt to “visit the snow” in Flagstaff.  I say “attempt” because snow in Flagstaff can be fickle.  All I know is that I don’t have to shovel blog snow 😀

What is your relationship to snow?  Love it?  Hate it?  Never met?  Do you enjoy winter sports?  Other snow activities?

What holidays will you celebrate this month?  What is your favorite part of the holidays?  Least favorite?  

How is your 2014 concluding?  Are you glad or sorry to see it go?

This roll call is my effort to find, keep, and introduce followers to each other by providing a doable, encouraging, and engaging blog environment.  Check out the November Roll Call: What is your favorite color?  Mine is blue.

A warm welcome to new followers 🙂  To all, thanks a bunch for your follow, likes, and comments!  I never take you or your valuable time for granted.

Wishing you a delicious and divine December ❤ ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

38 thoughts on “December Roll Call: What is your relationship to snow? #fun

  1. Where I live now snow is a distant memory. At one time in did live near the snowfields and it did snow once or twice a year. Beautiful it was until the sun came out and it became slush.
    This year has been my first year of retirement, I have had a great time and look forward to 2015.
    Best wishes to you Angie, hope your Christmas is a good one for you.

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  2. My relationship like snow, Angie McFly. Hmmm. Snow to me can be like the pretty girl next door who looks great at the bus stop but then goes away for the rest of the day when things warm up. That’s only once in a while here in Syracuse, that pleasant dusting that only sticks around early. Most of the time it’s like the mean old bully who screams and yells at you relentlessly and won’t get out of your driveway no matter how many times you wave your shovel at it.

    I do not partake in any winter sports. When I was a kid I used to go sled riding on the hills of Long Island, and I even rode a snurfer, which was the original snow board. But as I grew older, I did not take to skiing or ice skating or the new wave of snow boarding. So there you have it. I shovel the snow out of our one-car wide driveway, I scrape the windows and brush the hood and roof of my car and my wife’s SUV every darn day, it seems, from mid-December to the end of March. That’s enough winter sport for this old guy.

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    • Mark, turn this comment into a full blog post, if you haven’t already. That is EXACTLY how I remember snow…such a love/hate thing. My children, who don’t *know* snow, pine for it and all the sparkly loveliness it can be. My daughter and her family live in Pullman WA now, so she sends her brothers pictures of the snow. Works for me 😀


      • Picture this, bllissful McFly children: Shoveling until your feet are frozen and you can’t feel your fingers and then the plow comes down your street and pushes it all back into your driveway. 😦 I will be writing and posting pictures of snow this winter, to be sure, Angie McFly.

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      • The next time one of my blissful McFly children chatter dreamily about snow, I’m going to read to them this reality from their Uncle Mark in Syracuse who is willing to put the tough love out there when needed, LOL!


  3. I’d been doing pretty well with snow, and then last year it moved in and kept on moving in and never even got close to moving out again. I’m a bit bothered by it right now, to be honest.

    That said I’ve still got the snowfall whimsy bit turned on for my blogs too.

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    • Joseph, that’s the thing about snow…it can just *take over*! It’s like a visitor who overstays his welcome. Something about “Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days.” Except that this fish gets wet and heavy and gray.

      OK, I’m being a bit harsh on poor old snow. I’m back to picturing pretty sparkly white drifts on Christmas Eve ❤


  4. One word….Michigan. Ok, more than one word. 😉 We moved here seven years ago, and the first winter we got over 110in of snow….twice what we were used to. I felt panic everytime we got those big lake effect snows since I had a medically fragile newborn who needed quick access to the hospital. Now, I’ve almost made peace with the over 120 in of last year, I’ve grown to love my knitting more and more….and Netflix 😊 but you can’t talk Michigan snow without talking MI summers…..the BEST ever!!!! So snow equals beautiful, scary, nerve wracking, breathtaking times here….sorta like life. 😀

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  5. What is your relationship to snow?
    I loved snow as a kid, I was always outside sledding or ice skating. But it wasn’t that cold. Just cold enough to freeze ice. Then in college I moved from MA to IN and started driving. I slowly learned to hate that white stuff and the bitter cold, so cold it couldn’t snow. I hated it so much I moved to FL. But…I would like to see it one more time, it is beautiful, and the photos I’ve seen of Yellowstone are stunning. That’s where I want to see snow, at Yellowstone, then never again

    What holidays will you celebrate this month? Christmas, New Years.

    What is your favorite part of the holidays? The lights, they’ve always fascinated me. Also, finding new ways to celebrate with my family. Last weekend we went to Busch Garden’s Christmastown, later we’ll go to SeaWorld’s Christmas, maybe some ice sledding and I’ve got to see the “snop” in Celebration.

    Least favorite? SHOPPING!!!, I’m so grateful for online shopping.

    How is your 2014 concluding? Are you glad or sorry to see it go? Life is so full that one day blends into the next. But I do get to start new spreadsheets and that’s always fun

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    • Yes, yes, yes, and a BIG yes to SHOPPING!!!! Oh, I’m just an amateur (needless to say I stay home on Black Friday as not to get in the way of the experts!) And, as usual, I’m behind on my Christmas shopping. Yet somehow, we’ll get it all done, right, Ana? Right! Keep having fun and I look forward to hearing more about your celebrations. Good for you and yours!


  6. We have been here in the Phoenix area almost a year now having come from San Diego. San Diego 24 years and Denver before that….where I remember many a morning shoveling larges amounts of snow to get the car out of the garage onto snow covered roads and freeways. I miss the beauty of it, but not driving in it. Our two oldest barely remember the Denver snows as they were very little when we moved to San Diego. Our youngest didn’t know any different, but wanted a change in weather for college…she’s in Seattle now:) Winter here is very similar to San Diego…it’s the summers that are very different:)

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  7. Angie, being a Canadian I’m very familiar with snow. My winters in childhood revolved around snowmen building and ice-skating. My dad would make a rink in our backyard, and we would turn the porch light on so we could skate even after supper.

    Now I live in a milder place where it only snows occasionally. I prefer it this way. But if I crave snow, I can always drive up our local mountain.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀


  8. Here’s me, trying to catch up this week! I’ll try not to bombard your inbox, lol. 🙂

    Miss you, dear lady, and hope you’ve been well!

    Regarding snow – best kept to snowglobes and postcards. 😀

    *hugs* ❤

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