What rewards have you earned? What’s next? #Goals #Now

(null)This adorable kid, JP, earned his yellow belt in American Kenpo after three months of practice.  What have you earned?

That’s what I asked myself last night when John Paul received his belt in a brief ceremony at the end of his regular karate class.  I was struck by his determination, skill, independence, and character needed to reach this goal.  His example set fire anew in my belly to stop pity-partying about my teeny tiny advances in running and blogging. Oh poor me I don’t think so.

(null)-1Like him, I need to be persistent and trust that hard work will pay off.  And, I need new goals with deadlines.  Running a 5K sounds good.  Writing and scheduling blog posts to cover inevitable calendar crunches sounds good, too.

Rewards sound very good.  In place of a yellow belt, how about a race medal, posts published, and chocolate?  Dark chocolate.  Gourmet dark chocolate.  Gourmet dark chocolate with nuts.  Now, I’m getting somewhere.

So I’ll ask you.  What have you earned recently?  What are you hoping to earn soon?  What stands in your way?  I’m rooting for you!

Have a wonderful weekend ❤ ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

9 thoughts on “What rewards have you earned? What’s next? #Goals #Now

    • And it shows, Mark! You are a great inspiration to me. The way you convey yourself through print and social media so transparently encourages me to do the same. And you are so disciplined in your craft. While I can never catch up to your skills, talent, and hard work in writing, I can watch and learn more about communicating, connecting, and relating via media. And I’m a great communicator, connector, and relater in offline life! I’ve been at this social media thing for some time now, I just need to keep at it, keep learning, and enjoying it (which I do.)

      Have a great weekend, friend, and I’ll give John Paul your regards. He really does appreciate it! As do I 😀


  1. I am not coming up with much, Angie, but you’ve made me think (hard) about what I’ve earned lately. Is it maybe because adults don’t get as many “prizes” as kids do? That we’re supposed to do stuff for its own reward? And I’m thinking about how earning is different than *winning.* Sometimes?

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    • Intrinsic rewards are the best and abundant for adults who live life well. Yet, is it asking too much to earn a sweet something from time to time? When I ran the 5K fundraiser, Arizona Diamondbacks Race Against Cancer, I can’t say that I raced for the medal, but I sure am enjoying the medal 😀 In a way, I feel humble…like a kid… to admit that the medal matters. And I definitely earned it! And I can think of something you’ve earned, your blog following! Now that the Amazon chocolate isn’t coming, you definitely can reward yourself with some chocolate 😀

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      • Um, Angie, I am happy to have a few readers, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think it’s the stuff of bragging rights. I like what you say about intrinsic rewards. It’s true. At the same time, being able to put your hands on something and have an accomplishment be acknowledged, just feels good.

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      • Colette, you would have a heart attack surrounded by all the bragging going on in my home, LOL! Young men? Oh. my. goodness. Soooo, I just go ahead a let myself brag for myself and my friends sometimes. Feels good 😀 And a head’s up. John is looking to hire us on for a job in his cult. Bling is involved.

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