How to cook moist chicken every time because the holiday train is about to leave the station. #Food #Time

How To Cook Moist and Tender Chicken Breast Every Time is not only the easiest and most reliable way to cook delicious boneless, skinless chicken, it is also my excuse to share a great link and tell you something.

My calendar blew up after returning home from a short vacation last week.  Nothing tragic, gratefully, but the kind of chaos that has me running uphill on a treadmill to nowhere fast.

Enter this chicken.  On a salad.  In a burrito.  Viking portion at the end of a fork because there is no time for the dainty manner of slicing it with a knife.

How has your last week and a half been?  Do you eat chicken?  If so, what is your favorite way to enjoy it?  If not, what is your go-to protein for busy times?

I hope your week doesn’t desperately need this chicken, rather I hope you may want it because it is oh so good 🙂 ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc


19 thoughts on “How to cook moist chicken every time because the holiday train is about to leave the station. #Food #Time

    • Jovina, I need to search your blog for chicken recipes! I love this method of cooking chicken because it is fool-proof and rather forgiving. I need that! Thanks for chatting and I look forward to catching up at your place 🙂


  1. Your phrase ‘viking portion at the end of a fork’ makes my smile, Angie McFly. Welcome back from your short vacation. Sorry to hear of the calendar blow up. I like to eat chicken cooked. 🙂 Which means, I like it! Baked, Broiled, Shake-N-Baked, fast-food’ed, souped, really Fried. rotiessirie (easier said than spelled). Wings. There you have it, my friend. ; -)

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    • Peanut butter! Almond, cashew, sunflower butters, YUM!!!! Sheri, do share any fun ways to enjoy these butters. And I’m never against eating viking style off of a spoon, dipped in chocolate chips if available 😀


      • Angie – I was tired to the bone last night when I was commenting. Normal items I catch on the run include: the 1/2 c cottage cheese already measured, 2 string cheese + apple + 17 salt free tiny whole wheat pretzels, Glucerna choc meal bar and a dozen or so others that come pre packaged. Coming from an environment where I normally worked 80 hours a week – grabbing food on the run was a way of life. I always keep the commercial peanut butter containers in my brief case, glove compartment, tote bags – Tom laughs about the different places he’s found them over the years. I’m diabetic but my numbers are super low and have to make sure I don’t go too low. Tom is also diabetic and I’m always looking for soups and such I can make and half way through the cook cycle, divide them and finish cooking them with meat in Tom’s half and tofu in my half. Please share such soups, okay. Sheri

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      • Grab and run IS a way of life! More so during some seasons of life than others 🙂 I *love* nut butters, all nut butters! I also love PB2, especially on celery, YUM! I’ve ordered this item online for years and just noticed that Costco now carries it, yes!

        Soup…I will definitely think on your soup search and right back at you. We can never have too many go-to soup recipes! Which reminds me, I need to do a follow up post to this one to include soup recipes that we’re enjoying.

        Off topic: Sheri or other savvy bloggers, how do I add a hyperlink to the comment section? In other words, how do I make the above link just say “Instant Pot” instead of showing the site’s address? Thanks in advance 🙂

        Happy Weekend, Sheri! Tom as well 😀


  2. I tried boiling my breasts and you know my kids still said “why is this chicken so dry”. Are you kidding me? I’m back to baking in a pan half full of water, and I try not to over cook. I’m so bad at over cooking. I love steaks but I only eat what others cook. I can’t cook a decent steak. I’ve recently found pork roasts. They’re great, you can over cook them and they’re still great.

    I looked at the recipe, looks like a time consuming recipe. I’ll cook a couple dozen breasts at time and freeze. I have so little time. Baking is so convenient. I can throw it in the oven and I can leave it while I work with kai on his lessons.

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    • Ana, this chicken breast method does seem a bit fussy at first but once I got in the swing of it, easy! Here’s a few more details: I squish 5 large breasts into an oversized stainless steel skillet and do two or more batches at a time. You are right, it’s a negative that I can’t do more at a time (just 10-20) but to keep me from drying the poor things to death, I’m willing! I’ll still throw some breasts into a slow cooker for shredding, knowing that the dryness will be taken care of via yummy taco toppings, etc 🙂

      I can picture you working with Kai while your chicken deliciousness wafts through the kitchen. It doesn’t get better than that!

      Happy weekend, Ana ❤


  3. Great link, thank you! That one’s a keeper.

    We have a lot of chicken – my kids are still white meat fans but I have (somehow, miraculously!) gotten my husband to love the dark meat, like I do. 🙂


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