If I’m not following you, but should be, let me know! #SocialMedia

Both WordPress and Twitter can get squirrelly from time to time.  I’ve noticed some accounts that I had been following have been unfollowed out of nowhere, poof!

If you notice that I’m not following you but I have in the past, please let me know so that I can re-follow.  Or if you notice that I’m following you again, that’s why 😀

Have you run into this challenge on social media?  How do you manage it?

Thanks a bunch and have a terrific weekend! ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

14 thoughts on “If I’m not following you, but should be, let me know! #SocialMedia

  1. I have lost a few followers in the same way, with neither the other blog or me cancelling the follow, Have never understood this, and have just re-followed them, best wishes and blessings, Charles.


  2. Inoreader! (http://www.inoreader.com/)

    A lot like the old Google Reader. I like how you can share things right from the Reader, to other social media sites like FB, Buffer, WP, or Twitter, etc.

    Feedly (https://feedly.com/) is also a really good reader. Not quite as share-friendly as Inoreader but still pretty good.

    I like the Readers, because that way you’re not limited to just WP sites or Blogger sites, you can follow anything that has an RSS, even news sites. It’s like one-stop-shopping.

    And on Inoreader, you can connect with other people you know who are also Inoreader users, and broadcast articles to them that you think might be of interest.

    The nice thing is that you’re covered no matter how buggy WP might get, or when they change things around in the email subscriptions (like they did to me earlier in the year).


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