Say Something. Music on which a family can agree. #Lifestyle

This is the first week back to our regular family routine after a dizzying three weeks of celebrating. Say Something captures the feel of our current quiet time.

We love the spaciousness of this song. I’m a piano fan so I adore the single note, building with chords, then added strings and volume. Pause. Repeat. Fade. Lovely.

This duet between Christina Aguilera and Ian Axel of A Great Big World carries beautiful harmonies and emotional vulnerability. The lyrics are simple and succinct, sweetly capturing the panic of pending heartbreak. But there is more; Love is something we learn (or don’t learn.) And like mastering algebra, it can take time, patience, and diligence to love better…and it can hurt when no matter what we do, it doesn’t seem to add up.

But don’t give up. Swallow your pride and love more. Feel small and love more. Trust that love can grow.

What song captures the mood of your home?  Your family?  Are you enjoying any new songs?

Learning to love ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

6 thoughts on “Say Something. Music on which a family can agree. #Lifestyle

    • Beautiful it is! Even my 8 year old likes it. He says it is “romantic” 🙂 How are you & your grandkids? Hope your 2014 is off to a great start!


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