Pullman, Washington’s big sky, sweeping landscape, and industrial flare make photography a breeze.

After sharing my dismay yesterday about cougar calves and all things hilly in Pullman, Washington, it is only right to tell the rest of the story. This town has an extraordinary route to run via the Pullman Loop Trail which offer gorgeous scenery with an eclectic combination of big blue sky, luscious greenery, rolling acres, and old-time industrial chic.


Here are just a few of my favorite photos, captured while interval running/walking/photo-taking with my daughter (pushing the stroller) and grandson.

Our run started bright and early because the temperatures and humidity are soaring. It is as hot here as it is at home in Phoenix! Of course, we needed to go down a hill to get to the trail. Then the rest of the run was simply perfect.

pullman landscape 1

pullman landscape 2

pullman landscape 3At every turn there was something new to see. While I was completely enamored by the bridge above, as we drew closer we noticed…

pullman landscape 4

As student reading.

pullman landscape 5We ran over bridges, under bridges, and past endless greenery.

pullman landscape 6

Lush green reminds me of growing up in northeastern Pennsylvania. And so did these lovely combinations of industrial and wild flowers.

pullman landscape 7

pullman landscape 8

pullman landscape 9

pullman landscape 10

Finally, here’s my favorite photo from today’s run,

pullman fave 1

That’s a little brick stand-alone sandwich shop called, Homerun Heros (their spelling), with a painting of a train on the side, with the legit railroad crossing sign in front. Plus, I caught my lightning fast daughter in the photo before she disappeared around yet another corner of this most interesting trail run.

Does your city or town have walking, running, or hiking trails? Do you use them? Where you live, is it lush green? Old industrial? Something else? What is the temperature at your place?

Can’t escape the heat 😀 ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc


30 thoughts on “Pullman, Washington’s big sky, sweeping landscape, and industrial flare make photography a breeze.

  1. I live next to a wildlife preserve (a couple of different ones actually), so there are tons of trails. Mostly untouched nature with the bare minimum dirt path with the occasional wooden walkway over the swampier parts. I have to admit that if I walk outside, I will walk the bridge (causeway actually) as it is better lighted, more of a workout (due to the steep incline) and less mosquitoes. Usually though I will go to my gym and do about 3 miles on the treadmill while watching episodes of Game of Thrones that I missed!

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  2. We have lovely walking and biking trails near us, but I don’t use them nearly as much as I should. We have to drive a few miles to reach the access, and I end walking around my house instead. But that’s nice too. I like spotting all the dogs and cats outside. 🙂

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  3. My city — Lansing, Michigan — has got a pretty extensive River Trail, although I’ve only been on a small part of it. I should use it more, for the health benefits if nothing else, but there’s always so much that needs to be done just this moment, you know?

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    • Oooo, I love trails next to rivers! Either the water is slow moving which is relaxing or it is moving swiftly and helping me to move along! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, Joseph! I’m traveling and enjoying every minute of it 😀


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