You took my heart by the hand until my plans were gone and now I run uphill both ways with love.

Cougar calves. Washington State University cougar calves, I’m told, is what I’m developing when running uphill both ways in Pullman. From 18 Signs You Went To WSU:

Seriously… how is everything uphill in Pullman?

Today, while my daughter and grandson stayed at their home, I went out for a run. Fifteen minutes into hill after hill my calves were burning. To get my mind off of the burn and endless hills, I listened to the Power Walk playlist on Spotify.

The song Hypnotize Me, caught my ear as something new.

I’ve walked this road alone, dear
And I used to think it made me free
But if letting love stay makes a man a slave
Cmon darlin’ won’t you hypnotize me?
Cmon darlin’ won’t you hypnotize me?

I thought of my grandson. He has hypnotized me! As did his mother so many years ago. Love has stayed and grown. I’ve never been more free.

Have you been hypnotized by love? Is where you live hilly or flat? What new music are you listening to?

Cougar calved ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

Image via Star Tribune

12 thoughts on “You took my heart by the hand until my plans were gone and now I run uphill both ways with love.

  1. aww this post is inspiring and reflects the power of love you hold for your family ❤ Great job on continuing to run! 🙂 I haven't listened to any new music recently but have been listening a lot to UB40 last couple days…:)

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  2. I live on a bluff near the bay so it is flat except for a couple of short streets that run to the bay. Other days I go a different direction that is all flat. I listen to classical (old & new) and country if it is on a Saturday. I prefer old country.

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    • How lovely to live by a bay, CC!. The greater Phoenix area is FLAT and I *love* it! There are scattered hills, one named Silly Mountain near my home. But we can choose to run the mountain. Here, no choice, lol! I love classical music and will listen to it for some long runs. I like some country, especially old country like Patsy Cline, some cowboy, bluegrass, but I’m not as knowledgable because it’s not what I grew up with. I picked up that music love while living in Nevada 😀


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