New Food Challenge for Spring: Wine coolers are perfect refreshment for a crowd.

Technically, wine coolers aren’t new to me but the products that I use to make these pretty drinks are.

My inspiration began when I spotted the box, yes box, of white wine at Trader Joe’s. According to Surprise in a box $10 party wine,

Trader Joe’s carries two wonderfully affordable and tasty box wines from Australia. The first box wine is Block White Wine, a very tasty crisp Chardonnay with lemon zest and melon greeting your nose. Juicy green apple with a touch of lemon is what will hit the palate first, followed by a very welcoming hint of oak that finishes the wine perfectly.

Next, at Costco I spotted Galvanina Organic Blood Orange Italian Sparkling Fruit Beverage. In the past I’ve enjoyed other favorite sparkling fruit flavors from Sanpellegrino, aranciata (orange), rossa (blood orange), limonata (lemon), pompelmo (grapefruit), clementina (clementine), and melograno e arancia (pomegranate and orange).

Purchasing in bulk keeps prices low and quality high, perfect for entertaining. Once opened, the boxed wine will keep refrigerated for up to a month, ready to make a single wine cooler anytime. Just pour wine and sparkling fruit beverage over crushed ice and enjoy.

What are your favorite spring and summer beverages? Do you shop at Costco or Trader Joes’s? Do you entertain at home during the spring?

Cheers ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

26 thoughts on “New Food Challenge for Spring: Wine coolers are perfect refreshment for a crowd.

  1. I’m a fan of blood orange everything and would often purchase my blood orange sparkling water from Costco as well. I’m also a huge fan of Trader Joe’s and their red wine selection. Maybe, I’ll create a red wine spritzer for summer 😋

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  2. Hi, Angie, let me stress this – remember ladies and gentelmen, women pregnant or in any possibility of pregnancy must not drink alcohol, it’s highly toxic and letal for the child.

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    • Sorry, CC! I know what it’s like to live far away from a Trader Joe’s. When living in rural Nevada, we would drive to California to visit friends…and stock up 😀


  3. Hey Angie. Every time I see a new building going up, I pray that it might be a Trader Joe’s, or even a Wegman’s. And every time, it turns out to be a discount grocer. This time, Aldi. It’s a sign of the times, and the local economy. I have grocery envy. But, we have fabulous Farmer’s markets…so, there’s that ! ☺ Van


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