New Food Challenge for Spring: Gazpacho is chilled soup for hot days.

When my boys ask for more vegetables, chilled vegetable soup mind you, I say, “Have as much as you like, handsome men” This soup is a winner.

After checking out several recipes, I started with this super easy gazpacho from Ina Garten.  Then I added some spice from Alton Brown’s gazpacho, pictured. I look forward to using fresh tomatoes in place of tomato juice like in Chef John’s gazpacho and creating variations to include ingredients such as roasted vegetables, watermelon, crab, cauliflower, and grapes. Not all in the same recipe :D.

What new foods are you enjoying? What are your favorite spring foods? Do you enjoy cold soups? 

Hope your day is delicious ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

30 thoughts on “New Food Challenge for Spring: Gazpacho is chilled soup for hot days.

  1. The new foods (not really new, just hadn’t eaten it in a while, so I guess it would be, “like-new” lol) I’ve been enjoying seems to be a variety of bruschetta. Postinos is making me happy right now and have taken the lead thus far. That and my homemade Pralines 😋

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    • Oh, Barbara, I’m dying to know what makes it so great! My local restaurant fave adds golden raisins to theirs, which sounds strange but really works! And I won’t mind your garlic breath if you won’t mind mine 😀


      • No, I love the addition of raisins in certain savory things. Anyway, my mystery gazpacho doesn’t seem to contain anything extraordinary. Heavy on cilantro and lime, perfectly seasoned, with a big dollop of sour cream on top. We go to this restaurant sometimes just to get that lovely goblet of soup. (Presentation matters!)

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