Jim Gaffigan, Kale, and I’m a Smartie. #Funny #Video #Food

Yvette at PRIORHOUSE BLOG was kind enough to comment on my recent kale post and she included this video from Jim Gaffigan. I laughed so hard because…it is true! So, while I’m more of a reluctant kale fan, I’ll go ahead and accept the label, kale smartie πŸ˜€

Are you a kale fan? A Gaffigan fan? A comedy video fan? Tell me more πŸ™‚

Hope you find a good laugh today, even if it is at the expense of poor kale πŸ˜‰ ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

20 thoughts on “Jim Gaffigan, Kale, and I’m a Smartie. #Funny #Video #Food

  1. angie – i have been meaning to get back here to say thanks for noting the prior house blog (woo) – and actually I have to tell you how it made my day when I saw this. I was on the treadmill and I cannot really read on it – but when slowing down I like to scroll a few blogs when possible – and that is when I saw this – and lit up – just fun to see – but also you are a smartie!! ha!
    have a great week –

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      • Hi angie mac! best wishes with your fitness goals for the coming year πŸ™‚ – woo hoo – and what helps me is to remember the little things add up – and yes, have a home treadmill, we bought it in 2004 and it was/is a mid grade model- I have used it more in the last two years than I did in the first 8! Also have a recumbent bike that I used to use A LOT in 2013 – whew –

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      • you too – and O have one suggestion – not sure what your physical needs are – but check out on you tube a guy named “gilad” – you should find different length videos of his workouts – he has been making them for about 20 years.

        anyhow, just the opening warmups can be amazing – and they loosen the body – help the posture and circulate the blood (helps the lymph flow, oxygenates the blood, etc.)- and I found that when I do not have time for a longer workout – his 7 minute warm up is perfect. or my nutritionist friend says to set the timer for 5 minutes and do stretches and jumping jacks like that – cos a little goes a long way..

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      • Isn’t it GREAT when you find something that works for you and can likely help others?! Thanks for thinking of me Yvette and I look forward to swapping more good health and fitness finds this coming year πŸ˜€

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      • yes, and I guess you could feel my enthusiasm – ha! but just so cool when prayers get answered – or when God gives ya more than what you expected –
        well have a great start to your week and TTYL ❀


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