Top 5 Search Finds: Yummy grains, macronutrient calculator, how to battle a cold and flu. #Health #Food #Fitness

When I felt a cold coming on Wednesday, I searched online to find a magic elixir to prevent it from going full-blown.  I didn’t find pure magic, but here are the 5 most helpful articles and tools I found toward this end.

Battle swelling with 14 Foods That Fight inflammation HEALTH

The “neck rule” explained: Best and worst exercises to do when you have a cold HEALTH, COLD & FLU

We need more calories to fuel healing. The Best and Worst Foods to Eat When You’re Sick HEALTH, COLD & FLU

Increase variety and quality of the foods we eat, plus gluten-free options: 12 Ancient Grains You May Have Never Tried NUTRITION

Carbs to Protein to Fat ratios are easy to figure out with a MacroNutrient Calculator FOOD

So far, so good!  Through food, exercise, and extra rest, I’m staying energized and in good spirits.  Should I knock on wood?

What topics have you been searching online recently?  What are your favorite ways to beat a cold?

Feel well! ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

One thought on “Top 5 Search Finds: Yummy grains, macronutrient calculator, how to battle a cold and flu. #Health #Food #Fitness

  1. well I have more to share later – and I am actually going to do a post later on with some of the health things I learned last year – long story but the Lord really led me on the biggest healing journey of my life – and I have restoring my body terrain since last April – and while I was very healthy for a long time – especially good at cleansing – well I learned a whole bunch more about repairing the immune system and many things that “americans” are facing with microbes and a congested mucous lining.

    but the 2 tips i wanted to share
    first – this awesome “logos” company – they make products that restore the body terrain – and it is absorbable – because “you are what you absorb” not necessarily what you eat- it was you are able to get from your food –
    and 2. sovereign silver – whew – it has really been a special part of my healing- and I am still learning about it…. but it will help clean up the congestion – and with a little liver support (and maybe other things depending on the person) well – the body terrain gets fortified.


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