Little League World Series is a Winner. #Performance #Motivation #Coaching

Watching the Little League World Series is a family tradition for us.  My oh my, the 2014 series was among the most impressive and enjoyable to date.  Being the mother of three ball players, from Little League to college, I identify with the innate joy, challenges, hurt, and sacrifices.  Choosing a favorite series moment is impossible!  Could it be the first time I saw the Jackie Robinson West players from Chicago?  Or continuing to watch them play their way the American championship?  Could it be the talented team from Nevada who, my boys wonder, did we play some of them or their brothers in Arizona or Nevada during travel tournaments?  Could it be the smart and sweet pitching of Mo’Ne Davis? Yes to all of the above.

Another big yes goes to Coach David Belisle and his Cumberland, R.I., team. Coach Belisle’s post-loss talk pitch-perfect. I’m touched by their team’s bravery, dignity, and love. Hope you are too.

Did you watch the Little League World Series? From your experience, what makes a great coach? A great youth sports experience?

Have a great week!

Angie Mc

2 thoughts on “Little League World Series is a Winner. #Performance #Motivation #Coaching

  1. A good coach seems the positive in each child. He or she is one who doesn’t yell or criticize a player for a mistake or a missed opportunity. A great coach plans a rotation that allows everyone on the team to play. An exceptional coach must be patient and be a good teacher.

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    • Truth. And sad truth is that good coaching is hard to find. Some have good intentions but lack skill or mastery of the content at hand. Some have the skill and mastery but lack understanding of child development or good communication skills. And some are just plain controlling or otherwise unhealthy people looking for a captive audience. I thank God for the good coaches out there. Those who have given to my sons so generously are priceless ❤


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