Need a lean, delicious hamburger for Labor Day grilling? Here it is. #Food #Recipe

burgerEating lean doesn’t have to be mean. Enjoying low-fat meat will help me reach my fitness goals but I also want to keep my hungry men happy.  So I went on a serious search for a hamburger to make at home that our whole family can enjoy together.  I found this recipe at 101 Cooking for Two and couldn’t be more pleased.  Here is our twist:

2 lb 95-96% lean burger
4 T rolled oats (Whirled in a coffee grinder used exclusively for grains and seeds.)
2+ t Montreal Steak Seasoning (Make your own or can be purchased in bulk at Costco.)

Mix the above in a bowl then form 8 patties.  We use this Mr. Bar-B-Q Multi Layer Burger Press that I picked up on a whim at a kitchen outlet store.  Grill the patties on high until done (about 2.5 minutes on each side.)  And you know the rest; buns or lettuce wrap, tomato, cheese, onion, condiments, the works.

What are your favorite burgers?  What are your favorite foods for fitness?

Happy Eating! ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc 🙂

4 thoughts on “Need a lean, delicious hamburger for Labor Day grilling? Here it is. #Food #Recipe

    • Waving to you, Maggie! How have you been? I’ve been away from social media for a bit and missed ya 🙂 This really is a fab recipe and now I’m on a new mission; I need to find a reasonable price for such lean ground beef. I’m wondering if I can figure out a lean cut of beef to look for on sale and then have a butcher grind it. I’m not very well versed in such matters, lol. I’ll hop over to your blog in a bit to catch up ❤ Thanks for stopping by…and oh, the Montreal Steak Seasoning is worth the time to make and seems to give it "man" flavor to compensate for lack of fat 🙂


    • Oh good, Dane! Without the oats I hope the burgers aren’t dry, or would you use a different ratio beef, like 80/20? My men think the Montreal Steak Seasoning is the bomb 🙂


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