Act as the person you want to be. Time and patience will make you so. #performance

Some of the world's greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible. ~ Doug Larson #quote

Some of the world’s greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible. ~ Doug Larson #quote

There is a lot of power in buying a cute outfit; let me prove it to you.  I purchased a pretty pink t-shirt, black capri leggings, and a skirt.  Then I put on my bright socks, brighter sneakers, favorite baseball hat, and black sunglasses.  Just like a little kid who puts on his new sneakers and is convinced he can jump higher and run faster, I went out for a run.

My whole life I’ve avoided running with the same zeal that I avoided real math classes as an undergraduate student.  Everything in my mind tells me that running is boring, stupid, and not for me.  It’s for other people, for runners.

Every Thanksgiving our family participates in a great event, The Mesa Turkey Trot.  Notice, I used the term “participates” because we don’t all run.  My husband, daughter, and sons have all run.  I walk.  But the last few years I’ve thought, “Next year I will run.”  Thoughts don’t get the job done.

But thoughts do plant seeds.  After the 2013 Turkey Trot I told myself that 2014 would be different.  The next day I went out for a run, only to blow out both of my ankles.  This led me to all sorts of other mis-starts to include being embarrassed in my neighborhood by my tortoise-like pace, going it alone because my family of athletes had bigger and badder fitness plans, and, well, I looked silly in my old walking sneakers, dumpy sweatpants, and boxy t-shirts.  Which led me to May 2014 and my cute outfit.

On May 7, 2014 I ran for the first time in my life as a runner.  Almost two months later, I’m stilling running.  I’ll tell you more about the details of this running metamorphosis in future posts.  For now, I’m curious.  Have you ever “acted as if” to encourage something good to happen?  My husband, Dave, and I teach our children to “act as if” you’re happy, and you will be.  Act as if you are grateful, and you will be.  Act as if you are confident, and you will be.  It just never crossed my mind to act as if I was runner in order to become one.  Until now.

Who do you want to be?  Tell me your story.  I’m eager to cheer you on to victory!

Have a great rest of the week 🙂 ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

PS: The attached picture is of me, the speck, running in beautiful Ely, Nevada.

40 thoughts on “Act as the person you want to be. Time and patience will make you so. #performance

  1. I love the shot of Mc Fly, you, running because you will yourself to be, Angie Mc. Priceless. That is the proper attitude, always. 🙂 Some days it’s easier to carry with you than others, alas. But it is worth waking up with, that kind of confidence in yourself.


  2. That’s really great Angie. Great for you! I have learned the concept of fake it until you make it but would never guess you could apply it to something like running. There was a time in my life I ran everyday mostly to alleviate anxiety. I don’t even think I could imagine the motivation if putting runner shoes on to give it another try. Your post inspired me and maybe I will challenge myself to apply this concept in a way I never imagined before. Thanks! And keep running 😉


    • Oh, do keep me posted! I’m impressed that you ran and will consider it again. My goals are rather modest but meeting them makes me happy 🙂 What is your biggest running brag? I would love to hear all about it.

      We absolutely love the “fake it til you make it” mentality here. Thumbs up!


  3. Bravo, Angie! Well done. No, thoughts won’t get it done, but feeling does follow thinking, so the philosophy of “act as if” does have a lot of merit, in some cases. I’m glad you were able to see it come alive in your own life. It will be a much more powerful, practical anecdote for you from now on. 🙂


    • Exactly! And it also drives home the lesson to be sure thoughts are clear, true, and loving. Unclear, untrue, and unloving thoughts can trigger all sorts of misguided feelings. Oh, I’ve upped my protein intake, too. Helpful 🙂 Thanks always, Dane, and give Ness a big hi from me ❤


  4. It’s always of interest to me how others begin their running routine. I love the idea of you treating yourself to a ‘just for you running outfit.’ My running program has been modified many times over the 3 1/2 decades since I started. I race walk with walking poles now due to accidents beyond my control. I miss those days of running when I lived in Monterey, CA.


    • You’re my hero, Sheri! I’ve needed to modify many (not strong enough of a word) things in my life in order to adapt and adjust to real life. Race walking with poles – YES! Oh, and I LOVE Monterey. My husband did a Tri there close to 20 years ago. That event still stands as one of the best for our family ❤ Fantastic Friday to you 🙂


  5. Congratulation for your win! 🙂 Since I’m moving to a place behind the city, there will be a forest. And that’s a great chance to start running. I’ve been motivated by you! But I have a little question. Running in the morning or running in the evening? 🙂


  6. Angie, I like your idea of ‘acting like____and you will be’. I am going to put ‘published author’ in my blank to encourage me to finish editing my novel. Congratulations on filling in your blank with ‘runner’ and then running. Thanks for a motivating post.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀


    • What a treat to meet you, Wendy! Thanks so much for commenting and I’m rooting for you, published author 🙂 I also look forward to visiting your blog. Thanks for connecting and blessing right back to you ❤


  7. I’m so proud of you for taking the bull by the horns and conquering something you’ve always hated to do! That takes real courage. 🙂 Sorry about your ankles though. 😦

    Your “act as it” reminds me of my, “fake it ’til you make it,” philosophy. Sometimes, you just gotta.

    *hugs* Missing you! Hope you’ve been well!


    • Ness, I’ve missed you, too! And….I’m back 🙂 How’s the fam? We’re doing super, just going to have my heart broken again with child #2 goes off to college. But I couldn’t be happier for him ❤ Let's catch up!


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