Happy, Despicable, Pharrell and Howard. #Lifestyle #Music

The title of this post looks like a billboard advertisement for a pitiful Law Firm.  But it’s really just a fun way for me to tell you how happy our family is with the song Happy by Pharrell Williams.  Our happiness started with watching the movie Despicable Me 2.  The main character, Gru, falls in love with Lucy and this is the song that sends him dancing for joy.  Around the same time we watched this movie, I first became acquainted with Pharrell Williams, the artist responsible for this song, while he coached contestants on The Voice this past season.  Love his hats, but I digress.

Unlike the songs and their lyrics that I’ve posted about previously  , this song is seriously upbeat, encouraging us to clap, dance, and be happy! The lyrics are clean, fresh, and smooth.  Pharrell’s voice channels the silk of Smokey Robinson and Al Green.  Go ahead; clap, dance, and be happy!  If you’re looking for some new moves, check out the official video  or let Howard University show you how it’s done.

What songs make you happy?

Happy weekend and, as always, thanks for connecting! ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

6 thoughts on “Happy, Despicable, Pharrell and Howard. #Lifestyle #Music

  1. I come here to see what I’m suppose to be listening to….and I have to say, I LOVE that song….it reminds me of the beach along the lakeshore…not the near blizzard conditions out on the tundra! Thanks so much for posting! Also…the Duracell commercial beforehand, about DID ME IN. Goodness gracious, what a sweet, sweet commercial.


  2. Wasn’t that an awesome movie?! I now know of 2 sequels that were just as good as the first. 🙂

    The song was so kicky, I loved it. I was bouncing while it played during the movie, too.


    • Let me guess… Toy Story 2?

      I love the word “kicky” to describe the song, Happy! Kicky it is!

      Any plans for the weekend, Ness? I’m staying close to home and powering through work. It is now or never because next weekend will be busy!


  3. Angie, you’re addition of “Toy Story 2” might make it THREE sequels which match the original! (The one ‘Ness is talking about is “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”.)

    Love DM2, and the song is a winner!


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