Get a variety of home tasks done fast. #Organize #Manage

Proof of love is in works. Where love exists, it works great things. When it ceases to act, it ceases to exist. ~ Gregory the Great #quote

Proof of love is in works. Where love exists, it works great things. When it ceases to act, it ceases to exist. ~ Gregory the Great #quote

Your to-do list tasks are multiplying like those clowns tumbling out of a circus car. Go ahead and panic! Then use your anxious energy combined with this simple system to get everything done fast.

1. If you have others available to help, gather them together and tell them the plan.  Lead the project.

2. Use Focus Booster, a timer, or any time-keeping help and set it for 25 minutes of work with a 5 minute break. (Focus Booster is a handy little app I have on my laptop. I have it “tick” while on task and “silent” when on a break for an auditory cue. It color codes as it counts down for a visual cue, too.)  Start your time on the hour or half hour so that anyone away from the timer can look at a clock to stay on track.

3.  Use “Shifts” to organize by type of work and who will be working.  For example, have shifts for individuals as well as teams, for physical work and quiet work,  and for work indoors and outdoors.  Coordinate shifts so that they are complimentary.

Here’s a real life example:

Shift 1 @ 9:00 am Individual Personal Care.  Eat breakfast, exercise, take vitamins, shower, dress, tend to personal space and/or projects.

Shift 2 @ 9:30 Teamwork and Organize home. Starting at front door, move toward back of house, sorting like items.  Throw away garbage or donate what isn’t needed.  Put items away, ideally in their proper home, or give temporary home to relocate later.

*STOP EVERYTHING FOR 5 MINUTE BREAK: Use bathroom, get a snack, drink water, check phone, check email, write blog post, etc.

Shift 3 @ 10:00 Teamwork and Organize home.  Repeat Shift 2, working toward back of home.


Shift 4 @ 10:30 Individual work.  Each person organizes own room or works on their own project. Sit down and work at computer, update to-do list, organize calendar.


Shift 5 @ 11:00 Teamwork and Project. Make sugar cookie batter. Place in refrigerator to chill.


Shift 6 @ 11:30 Individual work.


Continue mixing and matching shifts as needed.  The power of this system comes from staying on task for short spurts, taking breaks, and mixing up tasks and people combinations before boredom and slow movement sets in.

What are your favorite tips to get things done at home?

My break is over 🙂 ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc 

2 thoughts on “Get a variety of home tasks done fast. #Organize #Manage

  1. Goodness, you move fast! I envy your energy! 🙂 Can’t wait to check out that app.

    For school (homeschool) I programmed the alarm on my phone for “periods.” It gives the kids (and me!) the auditory cue to move on to the next subject or lunch or break, etc.


    • I do love high energy work, Ness! But I don’t want to mislead you; I don’t always have energy and we don’t always work this fast 🙂 But it is nice to know that we can pull this system out when needed.

      Your phone timer idea is great, too, thank you! My kids, except for 8 year old JP, are old enough to use their own phone timers. NICE!

      Just a few days til the big day…!


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