Let her go. Music on which a family can agree. #Lifestyle

I have an inordinate love for Christmas music so that’s what I’m listening to heavily now. My teens continue to listen to their favorite music, and Let Her Go caught my ear in a special way. This past July, my daughter and her new husband moved out-of-state to start graduate school and their life together. I knew we wouldn’t see them until Christmas.

Back to the song, like Counting Stars, our family likes the vocals and instrumentals. Let Her Go is slow, the vocals are unique, and the tune is simply elegant.  Yet the lyrics about missing what or who you love when they are gone, make me cry. I miss my daughter. Every day.  We all do.  Fortunately for us, our parting is for good reason, unlike the sad parting described in the song.

We let her go. And with great happiness and gratitude, we welcome her home.

What songs make you appreciate your loved ones more deeply?

Only miss the sun when it starts to snow ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

6 thoughts on “Let her go. Music on which a family can agree. #Lifestyle

  1. Soon you’ll be hugging your baby girl. 🙂

    I think It Is Well With My Soul touches me deeply, in terms of family. Knowing the story behind it always makes me just hold on to my kids whenever I hear it. 🙂


    • I didn’t know the story behind It Is Well With My Soul. Now I do. And if that doesn’t make you hug your loved ones a little tighter, well, I don’t know what will. Thanks for sharing, Ness.

      And, my good news is that I hugged my daughter yesterday at exactly 7:45 am. And I get to keep on hugging her and my new son (that’s what I actually call my son-in-law) for a few weeks. Yep, hugging them and holding on just a little longer…

      Have a super hugging day ❤


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