9 life hacks to improve social media sharing, morning routines, group brainstorming, and more.

Need a trick, shortcut, skill, or novel approach to increase your productivity and efficiency in all walks of life? Hot off the online presses, here are 9 articles to help.

To improve your social media and online activity read Content must be sharable, 9 items not to buy on Amazon, and How to repurpose blog content.

To improve your personal life read 6 methods to become a morning person, 9 ways to not kill your houseplants, and 3 tips to master push-ups.

To improve your relationships read The power of transcending instead of attacking, Better brainstorming for people who hate brainstorming, and to tap into sweet love enjoy 15 children who know how to take pictures with monuments.

And here is bonus material that I’ve enjoyed this past week, and hope you will to.

Comment Inspiration:

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via John Callaghan at Get Off My Lawn

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via Aquileana at La Audacia de Aquiles

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via Scott at Snoozing On The Sofa

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This is the first post in my new Life Hacks series. It is an outgrowth of my lifelong fascination with personal, relationship, and most recently, social media improvement combined with my enjoyment of online reading and content curation. For more life hacks, check out my Twitter feed!

What life hacks do you use on a regular basis? What are your favorite online reading sites? Please share, thank you :D.

Best ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

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49 thoughts on “9 life hacks to improve social media sharing, morning routines, group brainstorming, and more.

  1. I’m not really a life-hack person. I dislike the way social media is always telling us we’re scrambling eggs wrong or whatever, lol! I hate slideshows and I hate pop-up ads. I do like those posts about how to make useful things into alternative useful things, like using a clothespin to hold up your cake recipe, that sorta thing, but only as I catch them. I don’t go looking for them.
    Nothing but insomnia can make me a morning person πŸ˜‰

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    • My privilege, John. I really am privileged to receive awesome comments, definitely with sharing. I could do a whole post on comments you’ve made that gave me a great laugh πŸ˜€ Hope a link or two strikes your fancy!

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      • My wife is out of town this weekend so I’m going to be spending some much needed couple time with my PS4. She’s been feeling a little neglected lately. Zombies will be smashed, aliens will be vaporized, and wizards will make magic. And I should clean the place a little too. But I will make time to read.


  2. I like this format for you, Angie, easy to click on the links that speak to you. ☺ My favorite was the kids with monuments. And of course, the inspiration that we all take from those priceless comments…it’s what it’s all about for me! ❀️ Thanks.

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    • Glad you like the monuments post, Scott. Next time you have your handsome men at a monument, have your camera ready! What’s great about your smartass comment is that it isn’t only funny, it’s true. An awesome reminder to not take this online life, or life in general, so seriously that you miss the fun of it πŸ˜€


    • Yay, Michelle! Your positive feedback tells me that I’m on the right track. Content curation is a blast for me. I also hope this type of post helps connect my online life a bit better. Twitter is my favorite place to share articles that I read so why not share some of it here within a larger context? Good fit, I hope! Happy Friday πŸ˜€

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  3. Glad to visit your blog (first time today)!

    What I need right now is the time and kick in the ….to get back to my writing on a regular basis. I feel like a chunk of who I really am is missing when I’m not working on a book. 😦 Hopefully the mojo and more time will present itself in the next couple of weeks as other commitments ease up a bit.

    Glad to meet you Angie and I’m following your blog now too! πŸ™‚

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