Desert kabloom in photos and how life is cooler when we let friends influence us for the better.

Have you heard of the word, “kabloom”? I hadn’t. Neither has my spellchecker. This fantastic word comes to me, and now to you, via my friend Mark Bialczak and his wife, Karen. Read more about kabloom at A Short, Sweet Life.


While commenting to Mark that I love the word kabloom, that is the 4th time I’ve managed to use it in this post, he encouraged me to take some photos of my desert kabloom (5th time.)


This is perfect timing for such a nudge. Mark knows that I have a goal of becoming a better iPhone photographer this summer. I’ll share a few photos that I hope you enjoy and these will act as a baseline for comparison after I’ve taken some lessons.


This was perfect timing also because after realizing how hot it would be today, I started yard work early this morning to beat the heat. While I was face-to-face with my fading flowers, it was sweet to take a break from blowers and rakes in order to enjoy their beauty.


Have you learned a new word recently? Do you stop to take photos mid-work or mid-play? What is your favorite subject to take photos of? Do you have any new skills you want to learn this summer?

Beautiful weekend all ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

20 thoughts on “Desert kabloom in photos and how life is cooler when we let friends influence us for the better.

  1. Angie – You are so full of fun and life. While I love to garden, I rarely photograph it. I’ve often regretted not taking photos of some of my creations but then again I’m simply not a picture taking gal.
    My new project for the summer is to continue turning our front and side yards into flower islands. I won’t finish due to the amount of time I spend caring for Tom but he is my priority.


  2. I love “kabloom” and I love your pics – your hibiscus is beautiful!

    I stop every so often to take a snap of my flowers, too. Sometimes they just catch my eye and I find myself a little startled to realize that I planted that, lol.


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