118 ways to put love into action to benefit your family, friends, and everyone you meet today.

While glancing through material I’ve written in the past, I found this list of ways to show love to those closest to our heart, to our spouse and kids, as well as to our neighbors and the many people we encounter each day.

Ways to show love to those closest to our heart:

  1. Say, “I love you.”
  2. Make them a nice meal.
  3. Take them out to eat.
  4. Clean their room, car, desk.
  5. Send them a nice card.
  6. Write a love note.
  7. Compliment their appearance.
  8. Compliment their work.
  9. Let them pick a movie they like and watch it with them.
  10. Attend appointments with them.
  11. Keep them company.
  12. Help them finish a task they dread.
  13. Listen to them.
  14. Avoid interrupting.
  15. Hug.
  16. Smile.
  17. Be positive in word and manner.
  18. Encourage their dreams in word and action.
  19. Tell them specifically what you love about them.
  20. Brag about them to others, especially while they are present.
  21. Clean up their mess.
  22. Share your treats with them.
  23. Give them the best part.
  24. Give them the last piece of dessert.
  25. Stop everything to welcome them home.
  26. Listen to their stories.
  27. Keep their confidentiality.
  28. Never speak poorly of them in public.
  29. Tease thoughtfully.
  30. Join them happily in their favorite activities.
  31. Read books together.
  32. Listen to music together.
  33. Offer to help.
  34. Bring donuts to the meeting.
  35. Care for the people they care for.
  36. Crack a joke to relieve tension.
  37. Throw a party.
  38. Remember their birthday.
  39. Ask for forgiveness.
  40. Forgive.

Ways to show love to our spouse:

  1. Show your spouse and the world they are your number one.
  2. Speak your spouse’s love languages.
  3. Hide little love notes for them to find.
  4. Avoid talking things to death. Zip it.
  5. Never use silence to hurt.
  6. Be physically available.
  7. Share a hobby or be fans together.
  8. Text to chat.
  9. Email to keep track of matters important to each other.
  10. Share a calendar.
  11. Take a walk.
  12. Cook together.
  13. Chocolate.
  14. Flowers.
  15. Wine. Beer. Spirits.
  16. Pray together.
  17. Go out to eat.
  18. Eat take out food in your bedroom.
  19. Hold hands in public.
  20. Make promises.
  21. Keep promises.
  22. Share favorite memories.
  23. Dream into the future.
  24. Anticipate their need and fill it.
  25. Sacrifice time or things and give to them instead.
  26. Modify your plans for their sake.
  27. Give your spouse time and space to do things they enjoy.
  28. Make the bed.
  29. Brew their coffee.
  30. Peel their orange.
  31. Scratch their back.
  32. Massage their neck.
  33. Carry their bags.
  34. Change the lightbulb.
  35. Fill the gas tank.
  36. Say, “Thank you.”
  37. Call them sweet names.
  38. Compete to see who can spoil the other most!

Ways to show love to our children:

  1. Play, play, play.
  2. Spend quality time with them.
  3. Spend quantity time with them.
  4. Spend alone time with them.
  5. Eat a daily meal together.
  6. Praise their efforts with specific details.
  7. Praise their results with specific details.
  8. Celebrate meaningful moments.
  9. Love a pet.
  10. Bring them to and watch them at practices.
  11. Sing, “Three Cheers for… the best of them all…they aced their test by golly.”
  12. Read together.
  13. Cheer and clap for them.
  14. Enjoy their friends.
  15. Tell them their family history.
  16. Help them with their projects.
  17. Build a fort.
  18. Go to a park.
  19. Get messy with them.
  20. Wear the jewelry they make for you.
  21. Display their art work.
  22. Have a secret handshake.
  23. Watch them put on a show.
  24. Tell them you love being their parent.
  25. Stop multi-tasking and give them your full attention.
  26. Schedule meetings with older children.

Ways to show love and care through common courtesy and generosity to the people you contact each day:

  1. Make room for them to merge in traffic.
  2. Let the mother with young kids cut in line at the grocery store.
  3. Wave to neighbors when you drive by.
  4. Cheer together at sporting events.
  5. Greet people in elevators.
  6. Pay for their lunch.
  7. Bring shopping carts back to stalls.
  8. Donate items you no longer use or need.
  9. Give to charity.
  10. Offer your seat.
  11. Tip well.
  12. Pick up garbage in public spaces.
  13. Give benefit of the doubt.
  14. Be kind on social media.

What are your favorite ways to show others that you love them? How do you show care and common courtesy for others? What are your favorite ways to be shown love, care, or common courtesy?

For those celebrating Memorial Day, enjoy! For all, enjoy 😀 ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

31 thoughts on “118 ways to put love into action to benefit your family, friends, and everyone you meet today.

    • Why thank you, momma. You know of what you type?! You’re right. Putting the big love out there is half the challenge. The other is finding places for the love to go. Receivers of big love tend to be those who can put out big love too 😀 Perfect!


  1. These are wonderful ideas. Yesterday for my son’s graduation, I brought out the scrapbooks I’ve put together for him over the years. I think that showed love, and we all had a great time looking through them.

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  2. Such a thoughtful list, Angie. I could speak to so many of them, just want to share one. A few years back, I received a small wooden red heart at a Valentine’s Day meeting at work. Brought it home and hid it for my husband to find. He then hid it for me…we got very creative and it went on for about a month. >3. Every once in a while, we do that with another object. The latest was a rubber head from a Steve Austin (the wrestler) doll that was a joke gift to my son. We’re odd, but we get each other. ☺ Van

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