Beauty boxes are for women and men because to give or receive a little something special is nice.

New to beauty boxes, I’m in the honeymoon phase of our relationship and all a swoon. To be specific, I love my Birch Box.

Last year according to Forbes,

Birchbox, arguably the most recognizable service today, put the subscription box retail trend in motion with its 2010 launch. Specializing in beauty, grooming and lifestyle products, subscribers pay $10 (for women) or $20 (for men) per month to receive goodies like skin rejuvenators, fragrances and makeup. Now the company has 800,000 active global subscribers, according to company rep Brittany Tomkiewicz—which translates to $96 million in annual sales.

birch box 2
Why all the beauty box love? Here are my three reasons why I love Birch Box and why a beauty box may be right for you or a loved one.

When life is difficult, a little gift can go a long way. My husband gifted me and our daughter Birch Boxes. Every time I receive one I think of them both and of how much I love them. If money wasn’t a factor, in a heartbeat I would gift these boxes to my dearest friends, both male and female. I would also encourage my friends to consider gifting these to themselves!

Getting out of a rut has never been this nice. I’m the least likely candidate to swoon over beauty products. I have spent very little time, energy, or money on such matters. Which means that I have a few go-to products that work. Ho hum. Now, I can spice up my routine with new scents, colors, and textures while investing little energy. Opening up a box, that I can do.

The boxes are the bomb. Speaking of the box, I love it. Sometimes I love the box more than anything in it. They are pretty and practical. I like to reuse a box by covering the logo with something decorative, then I fill the it with a little gift or card. Nice and easy.

Do you receive a beauty box? Which one? Do you receive and subscription boxes? Which ones? Would you like to receive a box? What stops you?

Have a beautiful day ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

27 thoughts on “Beauty boxes are for women and men because to give or receive a little something special is nice.

  1. Love, Love, Love!

    I’m a huge fan of Birch Box, but Ipsy’s Glam bag is hands down my favorite. Why? I love that every month rather than a box, I get a cute little themed makeup bag, with its contents matching that theme. I have quite a collection going too. I get to reuse them to store things like my huge collection of lip glosses in my purse, feminine products, nail polishes, the list goes on. I have about 3 makeup products I use on a daily basis, and its fun to switch the makeup bag from time to time. Great post!

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    • Now isn’t that interesting to think about not only the products (natural, vegan, top shelf, or…) but thinking about the container they are in! I’m definitely a box gal, goes way back. Are you a bag girl?

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      • I am! I collect them..all sizes, shapes & colors. Can never have enough! Speaking of products in the Ipsy bag, I like that they usually include a big brand product, on the pricy side, that I would never spend on for myself let that amount of money makeup, so it makes for a super exciting treat!

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      • This is fascinating! Bags drive me crazy! I don’t know how to store them…their handles…the zippers. I’m not sure what this says about me but I’m sure that being a “box girl” isn’t what most gals are shooting for, LOL!

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      • Boxes make me nervous. If they aren’t stacked right or even on top of each other…yea, ok I’ll stop there. I get it…the box is more organized, neat, tidy, stackable, orderly. Boxes have come a long way as far as prints, handles, shapes and sizes. Who knew a Birch Box post would bring out so many…feelings!?

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    • Beauty boxes, any subscription boxes, can be fun! There are debates about if they are worth the cost, but some things are subjectively worth the cost. Having a little gift come to your home is pretty sweet.

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  2. My sisters both got them and they always loved trying out the new stuff. My sister tried bright yellow nail polish once because it was in there. She loved it and never would have thought to try yellow otherwise. I’m on a major purging frenzy right now otherwise I would be all over these boxes 🙂

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  3. I’ve not heard of these! I remember years and years ago … okay, really, I’m not that old! LOL I used to get these kits from someplace called World of Beauty or something like that, and it sounds very much like what you’re describing, except the boxes and packaging they came in were very disposable. They’d be filled with trial sizes of all kinds of name brand cosmetics et al. They were really fun and always made it feel just a tad like Christmas when I got one. 🙂

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  4. How neat … I have never heard of Birch Boxes… But they sound fancy and fashionabe… Beauty delivered in a box… what else one can ask for? 😉 Have a wonderful weekend dear Angie. hugs! Aquileana ⭐

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      • I sometimes buy a beauty bag, as it is not technically saying a box, but strictly speaking a bag!… The brand is called H2o… But those ones are not delivered to your place, thus I just buy them at the Mall!…. 😛 Have a wonderful week dear friend. Love and best wishes! Aquileana 😀

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  5. Well “said”! All the same reasons why I’m really digging my Birchbox subscription. Especially since it was a gift from my husband:) I’m not a beauty guru by any means but I do love getting out of my comfort zone with Birchbox products. Definitely a lot of fun!

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